Monday, August 8, 2011

Prem Babu


This is the new addition in my neighbour's family. They've named him Prem - big fan of Salman Khan that they are.... He is one of the cutest baby and too tempting to kiss him lots and lots of it everytime. The thing I like about him is that he is not a cranky fellow. Always cheerful and smiling. I just adore him... Got one more toy to play with now ;-D   More pics of him will surely come up this Raksha Bandhan when I'll tie a rakhi to him and in return take more lots of kisses from him - my rakhi gift..

Maazaa Kheer


This was actually sugarcane kheer from my newspaper cuttings recipes. And my bestest friend had given me a stern warning not to have sugarcane juice ever. That is because sugarcanes have a property to soak in the water. The people who sell sugarcane juice on the road side stall usually stock up sugarcanes just at the side of their stalls wherein dirty water also flows from beneath it. This dirty water is absorbed by the sugarcanes and thats what goes into our tummy when we drink its juice.

I always get tempataions whenever I pass on a sugarcane juice stall. Many times I also argue with my friend ki ek baar pine se kya bigad jayega but she is adamant. However when I got this recipe I instantly got a bahana to use sugarcane juice. Well but me being a good friend or atleast my friend thinks it that way :-D, I dropped the idea of using the sugarcane juice. However my experiMENTAL mind was running high searching an alternative. Thats when I saw a bottle of maazaa fruit juice in my refrigerator, my bro had bought it. The devil in me said yippie and immediately took it out for my further experimentations....... I used maazaa instead of sugarcane juice.

This recipe is just as crazy as me so try it on ur own risk. ;-)


Basmati tukra rice = 1/2 cup
Maazaa juice = 2 cups

1. Soak rice in water for 1/2 hr. Half cook it in pressure cooker for a few minutes.

2. Add the half cooked rice to the maaza juice and cook on slow flame for 25-30 mins..

3. When it comes to the required thickness switch off the flame.

4. Let it cool for sometime and grind it in mixer.

5. Serve it in a bowl garnished with dry fruits of choice...

Sending this Anyone Can Cook Event at Taste Of Pearl City.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Belated Ramzan Mubarak.....


I've really become a very lazy blogger. But its not laziness actually. Summer season was full of work and since rains started my health alongwith the health of my other family members was down. We all within a gap of 2-3 days got sick with some kind of viral fever. And it continued the whole last month. After effects of the fever is showing up even now. Feeling tired, and some headaches and all in that I had to part ways with my mom as she left to be with my dad for the month of Ramzan. Things are just hotch-potch with me right now. Even the first day of ramzan for me was so tough and emotionally draining. However things that kept me floating even in this deluge of emotions were ofcourse my hobbies. Getting some time at home and having nothing else to do sometimes makes me very happy as I get to do my stuff that I like the most.

Of course this time cooking had taken a back stage. The last thing I tried was Khara Biscuits from Iyengar bakery. Got the recipe on one of the blog of my blogger friend. However my oven is giving me attitude nowadays and is not baking the biscuits properly. It just spoiled my mood even more as just a day before I had made sponge cake and that too turned out to be too hard.

Ultimately I turned to crocheting for my solace and that really lifted up my mood. Nowadays have started out with embroideries and its turning out to be too good de-stressing factor for me.

Well my this post should be about ramzan but just emptying out my heart. While I checked my mail today I saw a mail from Iqrasense website. It offers some good info on Islam and really proves to be useful. The article on how to maximise your rewards can be found here. Therez also some more info and resources on ramzan here.  Hope it benefits all of us and may our Rab forgives us and accepts our prayers.