Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Treasure Hunt Once Again


My love for jewellery making has brought me to this extent that wherever I see any different or new design I immediately want to make it even if I use it or not. However my mom loves all that I make and appreciates it. I saw this kind of necklace in some serial and immediately started out to make it. It looks ravishing and elegant with the touch of simplicity.

I wanted to make something in blue color shades, so came up with this. The stones are lill darker in shade than the blue crystals. It gives out a very beautiful effect (although I could not capture it on my camera here). My mom wore it first for some occassion. My mehnat vasool...

This pattern is same as the above one.. only made with purple maroon combi..

This necklace is inspired by the necklace of Archana from Pavitra Rishta on Zee Tv. Its my mom's and nani's fav serial. Archana had worn this during some wedding function, only it was in gold. I am not a goldy person so thought to sober it down with pearls. It is so lovely that I am planning to make it one more with red kundan pendant.

Remember this pendant and earring set... I had bought this from Sahara Arts and Handicrafts Exhibition early this year. As I had planned to use pearls for this meenakari pendant, I added a dash of maroon crystal alongwith small golden beads to go with the pendant. I wore this on Eid and received lots of compliments. When people ask from which shop I bought this neckpiece, it makes me feel happy to tell them "Khud banaya janab".

This necklace I came up with all the remaining stuff from my previously made necklace. Few kundans, Gugris and Crystals were left and I didn't wanted to make another heavy set so made this one. It looks very delicate on the neck and instantly attracts attention.

My mom asked me to prepare something delicate in golden. I usually avoid using only golden and always add a dash of color in my necklaces. But this time with this request I got into lill thinking mode... and made this. When I started out with it, I was unsure how it would turn out to be, but my mom loved the results and appreciated my work. My aunts and uncles too liked it and got looking at it keenly.

Closer look....

This type of thing I saw in Centre One mall. It was a lill more than thousand bucks. I just liked the stone chakri used in between otherwise I am not all hearts with this one. It was only that my mom insisted that I made this one. My folks loved it..

And I loved this one very much. It has angular pearl beads and zero no. golden beads. Though its quiet simple but looks very beautiful. I love to wear it.

My mamma ( yup we call her mamma coz she don't have any daughters and take us to be one) from Hyderabad had sent this colorful ghungrus. Actually she had used these ghungrus on one of my sarees and these were the remaining ones. She very well knows I will use it somehow. Since a long time it was just packed up in my closet. When I got into jewellery making mode, I thought of making some daily wear earrings for myself. (although I always say but rarely wear them). But this I really wanted something colourful and cheery. At once these ghungrus clicked my mind and I dig them up from my closet. Now indeed I wear them and its my fav pair. The colors and the jhum jhum sound it does always cheers me up and makes me happy.

I used less ghungroos here on my lill sis requests.

This is again for my lill sis on her request. She asked me to make only a pair of earrings from the above necklace set so that she can use it as her daily wears.. I added more stone chakris in it.

This is again from hyderabad and I turned them into earrings..

Same as above... Turned them to earrings for daily wears..

These leaves are again from hyderabad. I bought them when we visited that city. I had bought it with the intention to work it on some saree or dress but ultimately ended up making earrings.

Same.... Flowers from hyderabad ....

Same again.. I love this type of earring so made it in so many. It always team up good with my jeans-kurtis, tops etc.

These droplets again from hyderabad and they look simple yet beautiful..

I loved the color and cuts of this crystal. Hence made earrings out of them. They look simple, sober but very classy.

While making all these I thought to add some fun element. It was afternoon and after having lunch my sis bought in a bunch of bananas. It immediately clicked me to make something like that. I started digging out my stuff but couldn't find anything similar hence came up with these. It reminds me of colorful bananas as in fairyland.. My favourite place.

Now when I was making earrings with each and everything I had so why to leave out this stuff. This stuff is again from hyderabad and I turned them into earrings.

This is my first Jhumkas. I love jhumkas very much. It has been extensively used and hence not in a condition to wear it anymore, the hook over one is broken. I will Insha Allah come up with more jhumkas in the near future.

My younger mamu's wife bought this kind of mangalsutra for herself. I and my mom instantly liked the design. Its a small and cute one. So I made this for my mom.


This is another one, simple yet lovely design.

Loved the oblong golden beads very much...

This is yet another simple design that my mom loves to wear...

My mom is not a big fan of this heavy mangalsutra but I love to make it...


This again was on my mom's request. She wanted something in silver color rather than the usual golden stuff. I had this pendant and therefore made it jsut with black beads.. Although this one has nothing special in it but my mom loved it very much.

I am crazy for bangles. How can I not make any for that reason..


  1. Lovely and fab creations.... So much talent... Love your jewelry designs... Beautiful choice of colors....!!

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