Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dad's Sweater


I had knitted this sweater for my dad some two years back. This was my first individual knitting project. Earlier my mom would give me some few lines to knit. She taught me what right and wrong stitch means in knitting terms. However I never took much interest in knitting as I felt it to be a very slow process. Only thing I love about knitting is the needles. Don't know why but I have this fascination for knitting needles and it is they which compel me to start to knit something.

I knitted this sweater with the help of a neighbour. Although it was for my dad, it fits me perfectly. So ultimately keeping it for myself... Keeping means again stacking up ;-)   Please excuse for the bad photography..

Monday, November 29, 2010

Tea Cosy


During winters it feels special when tea is served this way. A tea cosy makes a simple breakfast special. It gives a cosy romantic feel. Would love even more having tea served this way near a fireplace. WOW!!! I love fireplaces, but mumbai doesn't needs one, does it? :-(

This pattern is again from a marathi pattern book given to me by archana didi. She too had made this type of cosy and I instantly fell in love with it.. I used all the scrap yarns to make this.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Beautiful Doily


I love making doilies, but as usual I rarely tend to use it. Again my mom complains for that. However I can't help to stop makin it. This one I made after a long time and was very happy with the outcome. Looks cute. So planning to make some more but bigger in size, may be to gift them to people. I think this the best time to make them as my mom is not here with me so won't have to hear any more complaints....

Masterchef In Udaipur


Missed my Akshay Kumar's masterchef yesterday. Today around 11.30 it just clicked me and I instantly switched my channel on starplus, just to check if its showing the repeat telecast. Was just on seventh heaven when saw akshay kumar standing in a beautiful outfit... Looked like a prince, had to hold my heart to see if its safe and yet there.  I as it is love Rajasthan very much, the barren deserts and colorful people. My akshay kumar and the fort was like icing on the cake.. Was just amazed to watch the contestant cook in the Raj Rasoi... Hats off to all the contestants. Its not an easy task and with the courage and determination they were performing they deserve a bow.....

This episode was mesmerizing. The way the food is served to the king, the interiors of the fort, it was all so breath taking. The only thing which I didn't like in it was the uniforms of the darbaris.. It somewhat looked like firangis uniforms from Jhaansi ki rani. I feel it should've been something more traditional, isn't it?

Well, I think I should concentrate on food. Shweta and Joe's team was on a low since start,, she was concentrating on authencity and nothing else... The 'me being a rajasthani factor' ate her up. Felt bad for Joe. He is a very good and strong contestant. Me view is, he lost because of shweta, half the time helping her to burn the shegdi..

Pankaj and Jayanandan's team is a very thoughtful one. Both the contestants are upto the mark, have good co-ordination with each other. Loved the sone chandi ki moong and caramelised phirni.. Yup as the king commented, phirnis should be served in the gilli mitti bowl, it gives a distinct flavour to the phirni and is an unwritten part of a recipe.

Zebi and Ankita. One strong other wrong. Here I feel zebi lost because of ankita. Zebi completed her task and was running around to complete ankita's share. This time tough luck zebi,, her food was good but kandla and smita walked away with the thaal. Their lehariya mirch stole the show...

And now the winning team - Kandla and Smita.. This time the confidence and winning streak was clearly seen on smita's face right from the beginning. I remember her on blackforest rasgulla cake episode... Then and today, the intution in me told somehow she will surely win today... Cheers Ladies... Great Job.... Please pass on the lehariya mirch recipe.... ;-D  I am fida over it...

Overall I enjoyed very very much today... It was like a complete meal, all done with the fort, the interiors, the shahi way of serving, and my cutie pie akshay.... Loved the episode today.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Experimenting..... Loneliness....


My cooking has gone for a toss since after Eid. Currently we are only three persons at home and that too most of the time spent outside for work.. Usually get togather only for dinner. Me being the only one who comes back for lunch, don't at all feel to eat the leftovers alone and then cook fresh for dinner. The experimental keeda in me is kicking and I desperately want to try out something new, something different. But I dare not take a chance as ultimately that too would go in some compartment of refrigerator and wait untill I eat it or innovate it...

There was this veg in my refrigerator since two days, I ended up making sandwiches out of it. I had few pieces of bread left and one evening I felt hunger pangs itching out on me. So ultimately made bread pakoras with those leftover bread pieces. Didn't had the patience to click pics to post it here, so someother time..

I am cooking only half a cup rice for the three of us for dinner alongwith 3-4 rotis. But that rice too remains and ultimately gets stocked up in the refrigerator. Tomorrow is sunday, everybody at home, so thinking to make use of that rice by preparing kheer,, lets see.

I literally got bored, just wish that atleast my nani comes to stay with us for a few days... Atleast I'll get a reason to be back in my kitchen... experimenting....

Friday, November 26, 2010

Paani Puri - Golgappa Shooters


Paani Puri!!!!!! I LOVE IT to no extent. Saw it on masterchef and was very keen to try it...Chef Ajay Chopra and Kunal Kapoor showed golgappa shooters. My mouth started watering then and there itself. Yummy yummy yummy......... Above are the golgappa shooters. From right, Orange - Sepu flavour. Next below is Guava - Coriander flavour. Third above is Tomato - Coriander flavour. And the left last one is Apple - Mint - Tea flavour. Well when I started out with it I didn't checked out things in my kitchen.. But as it always happen, be it with my crochet or cooking. I ran out of few ingredients required in the recipe. Ultimately had to do without it...

This is the filling I prefer most. Khari boondis, sprouted moong and boiled vatanas. I still get confused over vatanas, soyabeans and chawlis. They look the same to me.. ;-) Wish my mom was here. She too loves paani puri very much. Whenever we make paani puris at home therez a competition between us as in who will eat the most. Missed her this time very much.

Paani puris are called as junk food. Hence I always try to add something healthy to junk foods so that I can atleast give my excuse to have them more often. Here sprouts come to my rescue...

Orange - Sepu :-

Orange juice = 250 ml
Sepu veg = 1 tbsp
Black salt = 2 pinch
Zeera powder = 2 pinch
Lemon juice = as per taste

1. Cut sepu veg very finely.

2. Mix into orange juice along with all other ingredients. Serve chilled.

Guava - Coriander :-

Guava juice = 250 ml
Zeera powder = 1 tblsp
Coriander leaves = 1 tblsp
Black salt = 4-5 pinch
Tabasco sauce

1. Cut coriander leaves very finely.

2. Mix in with all the above ingredients.

I didn't had tabasco sauce in my kitchen so I made without it.

Tomato - Coriander :-

Tomato Juice = 250 ml
Coriander leaves = 1 tblspn
Salt = 1 pinch
Lemon juice = as per taste.
Tabasco sauce

1. Chop celery and coriander leaves finely.

2. Gind tomatoes to a pulp and squeeze out its juice.

3. Add rest of the ingredients. Mix well.

1. Here again I didn't used tabasco sauce and celery as both were not available in my kitchen.

2. Next I didn't boiled tomatoes, so the juice had a lill raw taste. It may taste lill diff if boiled and then grinded for juice..

Apple - Mint - Tea :-

Apple juice = 250 ml
Mint leaves = 10 - 12
Tea bag = 1
Lemon juce

1. Put tea bags in boiling water.

2. Either use tetra packed apple juice or make a fresh one.. Here I have made fresh apple juice.

3. Finely chop mint leaves.

4. Mix togather tea water, apple juce, lemon juice and mint. Serve.

This is the regular paani poori which we usually eat near the mini seashore... I made the water using everest paani poori masala. Then I made tamarind jaggery chutney to go with it..

For Chutney

Tamarind extract = 1/2 cup
Jaggery = 1/4 cup
Jeera powder = 4 tsps
Black salt = 2 tsps
Red chilli powder = 1 tsp
Garam masala = 1 tsp

1. Mix all the above ingredients and keep it to boil.

2. Let it simmer for 5 minutes. Remove and cool.

For Pani Puri Water

Water = 1 litre
Coriander leaves = 1/2 cup
Mint leaves = 1/2 cup
Ginger garlic paste = 1 tsp
Green chillies = 3
Black salt = 2 tsps
Jeera powder = 2 tsps
Everest paani puri masala = 2 tsps
Lemon juice = 1 tbsp
Salt to taste

1. Grind all the above ingredients with little water.

2. Pour in a vessel, and keep it still for an hour.

3. After an hour pass this water through a sieve and serve chilled.

I had made pani puris a day before eid. Couldn't post earlier as there was some probs with both my laptop and computer. However enjoyed eating pani puris. On eid people usually start their day by having sheerkhurma. I started with pani pooris.. I ate something around 40 - 45 in the evening. Some were left so kept it in the refrigerator. Next morning when I opened the refrigerator just couldn't resist the sight of pani puris, so gulped down some good 15-20 puris that time. :-D

This is my entry to "Only Chaat" event.

Edited on 28th Nov, 2010

The chefs recipes for golgappa shooters is up on their website.... Check it out... Just saw it and realised i've missed on few ingredients somewhere..

Monday, November 15, 2010

Veg Kolhapuri


There was nothing at home that I could cook today. And I wanted something vegetarian. Only preparing any sabzi won't do with rice, wanted some gravy too.. Just then it clicked me to prepare veg kolhapuri. It is something which I am very fond of. Immediately checked out tarla dalal's and sanjeev kapoor's site. The recipe on tarla dalal's site was short whereas the list was too long on sanjeev kapoor's site. However I opted for sanjeev kapoor only. Turned out too good than what I usually order from sahyadri hotel.. Thank you sanjeev sir...


Mixed vegetables = 1 cup, I used the packet one.
Ginger garlic paste =  2 tblspn
Fresh grated coconut = 1/2 cup
Cloves  = 8
Black peppercorns = 8
Poppy seeds (khus khus) = 1 tspn
Coriander seeds = 1 tsp
Whole red chillies = 6
Onions = 2 large
Tomatoes = 2 large
Paneer =1/2 cup (optional)
Red chilli powder = 1 1/2 tsp
Turmeric = 1 tsp
Salt = to taste

Garam Masala
Fennel seeds = 1/2 tsp
Cinnamon = 1 inch stick
Stone flower (dagad phool) = 1
Cumin seeds = 1/2 tsp
Bay leaves = 2
Black cardamoms = 2
Black peppercorns  = 7 - 8

1. Grind all the ingredients of garam masala  into a fine powder.

2. Heat oil in a pan, add grated coconut, cloves, peppercorns, khus khus, coriander seeds and red chillies. Lightly fry.

3. Now add 2/3 of the chopped onions and cook till it turns slightly brown.

4. The mixture has started to change color. Cool and grind to a paste using sufficient water.

5. Heat remaining oil in another pan. Add remaining chopped onions and saute till brown.

6. Add ginger garlic paste, tomatoes and continue to saute.

7. Add red chilli powder, haldi, grinded masala, grinded paste, 1/2 cup of water and cook. 

8. Continue to cook until oil leaves the side.

9. Add vegetables and salt and let it simmer. 

10. Add paneer pieces and cook it for some more while. 

Serve hot. 

1. I made certain changes as few things were not available in my kitchen. The recipe demanded dry coconut but that was not available, instead I used freshly grated one. I used mixed vegetables packet as all the veggies were also not there. And hence I didn't have to boil them. Otherwise the recipe needs veggies to be boiled.

Crocheted Baby Dress


I crocheted this dress during my baby mania.  But kept it away and later on forgot all about it. It was when I gifted my mamu's friend's newborn daughter that I remembered this dress and immediately took it out. I made this out of all the remaining wools of baby dresses. I had no option but to finish off the wools before my mom comes back. As these are baby wools, I can't think anything better to crochet than a baby dress. Hence made this one more. When I removed this, it immediately clicked to me that I had made a baby dhingri too. Whoa!! How could I forget that stuff. It was one of my favourites and I was searching some matching pair of buttons for it.. I searched in and out wherever I could keep all my stuffs, but didn't get that dress. There is only one place left which I feel it may be there. Lemme see if I get it there. I hope it should be there only otherwise i'll really be disheartened. I had made that dress with lots of love. If I get it I will post it here on my blog for sure.

November Rains


It was raining heavily today morning. The thundering shook me off my bed and I woke up coz of that. When I looked out through the window, the atmosphere looked to me from that of my school days... Aahh those days.... I would hate when it would rain early morning before going to school. Even after wearing a raincoat or carrying an umbrella, I would somehow get drenched. And sitting with that wet school dress would really put me off. I would always butter my mom for not going to school on such occassions. And my mom being a soft hearted person would always allow me in fear that I may catch a cold. However my buttering didn't used to prove fruitful everytime.. There were number of times also that my mom refused to let me stay back at home.

Yesterday night I was missing my mom very much and it has turned only worse today after the rains. Rab has created amazing people in terms of our parents. My mom says whenever we miss someone, instead of feeling sad, pray for them. Mom I am missing you very much. Please come back soon. Rab please help me and take care of my parents....

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Masterchef - Children's Day Special


Today saw Masterchef children's day special. Although couldn't see completely, had some work so was just catching some and leaving some. What touched me today was Jayanandan Bhaskar's childhood memories - he gave a small but heart touching speech about his bachpan. Later on Pankaj Bhadouria's memories about her childhood and the determination and pain she is taking to give all the joys and happiness to her kids was really heart touching...

I am sure today on and off everybody might have shed tears - Me too.... Some sort of emotional person that I am. I missed my parents very much. Really we never understand the importance of parents in our life when they are near to us. Nobody can love us the way our parents do. We hurt them many times but even though their heart is just filled with love for us.

I also liked Joe Bath's enthusiasm. He too got very emotional and the moment the judge told about his daughter that if she would have been here, he immediately turned back to see whether she really was there. He was missing his daughter very much. The heaviness in his voice made it very much clear.

My mom always says "Bachon se ghar main raunak rehti hai". That is true I accept it, but one more fact is very true - and that is a home could never be a home when it does not have elders within it. Our elders guide us, love us, protect us. They do everything within their means and even beyond for our happiness. The thing which tops is their prayers which are always with us..

I am really missing my mom and dad today. Rab, what shall I do? You always have a solution for my problem. Today please help me. I really really need my mom besides me today. Don't know why, feeling disturbed - no reasons, nothing. Just like that. Please keep your blessings on my and everybody's parents. Protect them from all the evils of these world. Give them a loooong looooong life and a happy one too... Its you whom I trust more than anyone else. I hope with my heart you will surely accept this my small prayer today....



Its a week since I clicked this pic. On last sunday when I was about to leave to meet my friend at her place for diwali... my neighbour kids came and asked me to accompany them to burst crackers as in phatakas ;-) I would be only too happy if didn't had to go out that time. I refused but they were adamant, however to turn their minds I told them that I will click the phatakas pics and then they can go out and burst it while I post it on my blog.. They agreed. I was already late so had no more time to waste, just flung my dupatta on the floor placed all the crackers they bought and quickly clicked this pic.

I would lie if I didn't post this pic on my blog. Therefore after a week, I m still posting something related to diwali.. When all my neighbour kids grow up and if they may chance to read my blog, I am sure their faith in me would be still strong as much as it is today.

Saturday, November 13, 2010



I couldn't help posting here today. Just saw amul's masterchef on star plus - My akshay kumar's cookery show. The other two chefs on the show ( sorry dunno their name) showed chaats recipe today. Wow!!!! my mouth started watering.... It was yummmmmmy, too good combinations, golgappe shooters, and chaat cone... I've written the recipe lemme see when I can try it and post it here. The shooters combinations are crazy cool. Apple with tea, guava with mint... Wow!!! I m just on seventh heaven.. Only the worst part was that they could eat whereas we just had to watch them eat... Wished one plate was served here too.... ;~D

My Flower Loom


I have mostly mentioned about the flower loom in my blog. This is the flower loom on which I usually make flowers. It is just very destressing sometimes to make flowers on it. My mom gifted me a complete beginners crochet set when I was a school going kid. It was she who instilled these hobbies in me. Last year too she gifted me a plastic cane craft kit, I am yet to use that. Insha allah will do that soon.

Friday, November 12, 2010

More Crocheted Bags


My bags craze is so much that I have only forgotton how many I have made, kept and gifted away. While searching for something I laid my hands on these purses.

This was the purse I made alongwith holi purse. Mom had asked me to crochet a big purse and these crocheted squares were remaining with me. I had already made one blanket out of these squares and didn't had any heart to make another one. So ultimately used it for bag. But this bag is yet to be used. Now my mom says who uses such bags anymore....

I had made this pattern earlier in wool, later on I made it in purse thread. Again this is just stacked up in cupboard, as I don't prefer such fancy bags... Just for my craze I made it.. I really feel bad sometimes when I think about it.

This is also another unused bag, but I love this and Insha Allah someday will surely use it. I love it s color. and the beads i've attached to it. Its called an evening purse, pattern is from crochet pattern central.


This is again an unused bag. God!!! I dunno what I was thinking while making all these purses. Today I really feel guilty and realise my mom was correct in mentioning to make something useful,, which I will actually use, other than just satisfying my craze.

Closer look...

This is the batwa sort made out of scrap yarns. Again granny squares joined it make this sort of batwa. I don't remember where I got these square pattern but I feel the name of these square pattern is 'circle in a square'. Felt lill different so tried it out.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Birthday Revisited


I couldn't celebrate my birthday with my friends this time. My mom had to go to my dad's place so was just busy with those preparations. My friends did come to my place with a cake but I was away that time with mom. They left after some time. This way our celebration was incomplete. On sunday when I went at her place for diwali, there we planned up for a second birthday :-D ..... Well my treat was pending so I suggested we go out and have dinner togather. But my sami is sami, she told me to prepare a meal at home itself. They asked for fish biryani, but I was in no mood for biryanis and definately no fish biryani for that matter.

I came back home and changed the menu. Later on tuesday she called up to say that she'll bring a fresh paplet and not to buy fish, but I said I've changed the menu. Got lill scoldings (funny) from her for that. Later on again she said not to prepare any sweet as she will bring cake. Always demanding and arguing and troubling me..... ;-D

However yesterday I prepared shahi chicken curry, paneer haryali, veg cutlets, kheema cutlets, zeera rice and cheelay (dosa) and then zebra cupcakes. Since afternoon I was alone at home. And my sis had locked me in while she went away. That was so because I take in my neighbour kids and play with them all the time. By this way they may think that nobody is at home. When it began to get dark outside, my neighbour kids saw the lights on in my house. They started shouting and calling me from the window. Anjali noticed that even the kitchen light is on that means somebody surely is at home. I called up neelam didi and told her to come soon in order to save me from this screaming kids.

My bro came first and them samidha. She got so irritated seeing nobody else arrived. And when she entered the kitchen her scoldings on me started again for preparing so much and that too alone.. However slowly slowly everybody else came and fun started. Before having dinner she asked me to cut the cake.. God.... now I knew why she was so pressing in on me for the cake thing. We didn't played holi with cake na.. Yup thats what we have always been doin since ages. Until and unless we don't smear each other with cake we dnt feel we've celebrated our birthday... And that thing she did on in abundance yesterday...

I was missing my mom very much, was just upset that she went away so soon this time. My friend samidha... love her for always cheering me up... She bought the cake all the way from andheri - Merwan's. This year I celebrated my birthday by cutting 3 cakes.. Had a wonderful time yesterday. I would ask from my Rab to keep all those people happy and safe who have always loved and cared for me..

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gifted Baby Dress And Quilts


My mamu's friend's wife delivered a baby girl and as everybody knows I love baby girls very much, I had to make these for her. I crocheted this from a marathi pattern book given to me by archana didi. The upper part of the dress is in light baby pink color but I dunno why its not showing proper color in this pic.



My mom stitched this dress and bonnet. All these are as usual made from our remaining dress pieces.

This too again stitched by my mom.

Bonnet by my mom....

My nani made these quilts again from remaining dress pieces.

 This is one side of the quilt..

This is another side.....

This is one side of second quilt...

This another side...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Miss You Zainab Aunty


Its being a long time that we exchanged any mails. Don't know about you but I got busy into the daily grind of life. May be same with you. I just pray and hope everything is fine at your end.

Today dunno why but I am missing you very much. Therefore my today's post is for you. Things that you had sent alongwith my swap gift were since long in my drafts folder. I think today its the right time to post them here.

When my bro first saw this toy camera, he asked me how come you know that I still behave childish.. Well!!! I dunno whether I behave childish or not but its a fact that I still receive toy gifts from people whether they know me or not. So that means nobody wants me to grow up. ;-D. Now I use this camera to show off sumeet - my neighbour kid. He gets very jealous... So what, whenever he gets new toy even he comes to show me off to make me jealaous.. And I don't care, I still have so many toys - my dolls, my cars, my barbie kitchen sets etc....

Thanks for the chocolates..... How did u knw that peanut butter is one of my favs?

Thanks for everything. May Rab bless you....

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Jowari Bhakri


Last month in my Malvani Jevan post I had mentioned about jowari bhakri. At our place my folks (siblings) usually prefer wheat rotis. A lill change and they raise their eyebrows. However I still try to prepare varieties as someday they may understand its nutrition value. This is my nani's recipe and i've learned to cook jowari bhakris from her... These bhakris are very common in the village belt of Maharashtra.


Jowari flour = 1 1/2 cup
Water = 2 cups
Salt to taste
Ghee = 1 tblspn

1. Boil water, add salt and ghee.

2. When the water comes to the boiling point add jowari flour and stir to mix it well.

3. Lower the flame, cover with a lid and let it cook for say 3-5 minutes.

4. Once it is done, remove it from the flame and knead it well. The dough is hot at this point but can be best knead at this point only. Can wait to let it cool though. Knead the dough well.

5. Roll out flat rotis. Put it on a heated tava. Apply lill water on the upper side on the bhakri. (This is to ensure when the bhakri is ready to be flipped. Once the water over the bhakri dries up it is ready to be turned over.)

6. Cook from the other side. Serve hot.

1. There is no hard and fast rule that 1 1/2 cup jowari flour needs 2 cups of water only. It is that when water starts boiling add as much quantity as the water requires it.. Sometime it may take in more flour sometime less.

2. Applying lill water on the upper side of the bhakri is just like greasing it with some water.