Monday, February 28, 2011



While cleaning the cupboard I came across this project I had made for my sis some years back. It was for her fashion designing class. They had to select a topic and work on it accordingly. Ofcourse in her case I selected the topic and I zeroed in on 'Rains' which is my all time fav topic. I have always loved the black and white album theme and thought to implement it with rains which makes everything colorful...

Can't write up more, pics will do it for me.... The poems and write up of this project has been written by me itself. Just love to go through such memories...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Crazy Guava Experiment


I am a big fan of guavas whereas my mom doesnt allows to eat more of them. They produce cough and cold within a person, is her belief. However sometimes I do bring it and relish it. This time I crazily bought a lots of it and having so much of them did affect my throat and I developed a lill cough. No matter what I had to finish off the remaining guavas and therefore experimented this. Though it is just silly and crazy and tasted fine tooo but I don't think I will ever again make it :-p

No recipe for this. Just that I cut the guava in half scooped out the insides. Grinded it along with some black grapes, apple and banana. Heat olive oil in a pan and transferred the grinded paste into it. Saute for few minutes and filled the paste into the guava.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Flowy Food


My bro's flowy has grown up and turned into a beautiful fishy. And hence nowadays throwing lots of attitude... huh!!!! Sar pe chada rakha usse mere bhai ne. Giving her treat more often now. Yes we are jealous.... ;-D  The above lill fishes are the food that he bought for his flowy. Looking at the size of these lill fishes just imagine how much the flowy might have grown up. These are just bite size fishes for her and she may finish them off in one go. I felt pity for them and hence clicked the clicks of these innocent ones..

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My First Stitched Bags


Purses are my weakness and now I've taken a liking to a different art - stitching. I always had a fear for sewing machines. Though I would stitch but was never comfortable with it. When I saw these kinds of purses at an aunt's place I fell in love instantly. I wanted to make them but was skeptical using sewing machine again. However my temptation overtook my fear and here I am with these cute bags..

I made this purse out of waste swatches of cloth lying in the wardrobe. My nani, My mom and me have a habit of collecting swatches of fabric. They are very useful in making some or the other things. Whenever we stitch our dresses we never throw the remaining extra pieces. They are stored in a bag for making quilts. When enough is collected we make a quilt out of it.. However this time I was too tempted to make a bag from it. Isn't it lovely?


This is the bigger one and proving very useful for me. I just love it. There are more to come now...... Have already started with a batwa and looking forward to many more stitched bags....

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love For All My Blogger Friends


Today is valentines day. Though I don't believe in it as I feel we don't require a special day to express to our loved ones that how much we love them... But yes the hype is too much for this day.... Our feelings can be expressed to our loved ones 24x7 and throughout the year. Our care our support can be extended to our near and dear ones whenever they need it the most..

Well but for my blogger friends, I feel today is the day I thank them for all the love and encouragement they have showed through their comments on my posts. It really matters and boosts my enthusiasm. So thank you all for all the love, blessings and encouragement you all have showered on me... I hope it will keep on going like this and we be best of friends.... Ameen...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Before My Mom Comes



Yippee!!!! My mom will be back next sunday and I am the most happiest.... But therz lots of work to be completed before she comes. I need to complete crocheting a few doilies.. complete stitching my dupatta and more over finish of these tonics which she had given me before leaving around 4 months back.I can complete everything but these meds, are a tough task for me. These meds are only a months quota but its 4 months now and I still have to finish them all.

My mom thinks because I am a fussy eater and don't eat properly I am in very much need of these tonics. But whenever I have them I feel very much hungry and want to gobble down anything as soon as possible, which is mostly junk food. So what good are these meds for me I've never understood that. Well anyways, whenever I don't have them my mom says agarbatti ki dhuni daal de. So thats what I did in this pic. :-) Love U Mom.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Driving License Bag


Last month I had majorly posted about food. It is all thanks to the events going on which tempted me to try and post recipes accordingly. However my other hobbies were equally at work. For long wanted something to keep my driving license and other related documents. Searched pattern on ravelry again and again, finalised some and then ultimately made my own pattern. Actually I had to as I wanted to finish off all remaining small stash of wools with me. Whenever I am in real mood to prepare something, it really turns out too very well beyond my expectations. This bag too is just amazing and is actually a utility bag for me. No need to stitch zip or buttons on it. It just simply holds everything so perfectly that I need not worry anymore about my stuff in it. And this is all thanks to the thickness of the wool that varied. It actually does the work of holding up things.. My mom will be very happy with this one as this is the first bag ever that I am actually using it.. :-) This bag can not only hold my license and related documents, but is spacious enough to hold my cell and some cash. I just need to grab and off with my work...