Tuesday, May 26, 2009



My siblings call me a raddiwali, only because I stack up things of bygone eras as they say. But for me those are beautiful memories which always brings happiness and a smile on my face and lifts up my mood when I am down. They have such magical powers, and I really mean it. These pineapples were again made by my mom when I was a school going kid. These were made at my nani's place when we had gone for a vacation. And can anybody guess what's beneath the yellow flat wires.. That's an empty parachute coconut oil bottle. Therez another one too with leaves attached to it, leaves means green flat wires. I've lost it.

This is another thing again by my mom. Now guess whats beneath it... Thats a rubber ball. covered with flat yellow wires attached to it by beads and paper pins (taachni). I very well remember, my brothers used to play with this ball and there was an argument when I asked them for it to make this showpiece. However as elders too wanted to make it they were on my side, so I won...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dori Bags (mom's work)


This two bags had been prepared by my mom when I was very small, say a school going kid. This first red bag I remember I had taken it while going for a school picnic in 1st standard. It still looks as beautiful as it looked that time. The red bag is a sequenced cloth bags. Flat golden sequences are stitched on it. It becomes a batwa sort of bag when its nylon rope is pulled togather.

The other bag is a wire bag. It is made of thin nylon wire and beads. This bag also looks very beautiful and it makes a sort of fashion statement even now when teamed up with jeans and short kurti. I still couldn't learn its method from mom. Life gets so busy that we keep to learn such beautiful things on a back burner. Insha Allah someday soon I will surely learn to make one such bag from mom and post its pic.

There are many other things also such as doileys and some crocheted bags which mom had made. I didn't clicked their pictures as they are inside the closet. Anyways, some other time.

Crocheted Bag (mom's work)


This crocheted bag my mom made it for me when I was doing my Home Science course. I was not very good at crocheting at that time and besides that I had my studies and thats why no time to complete this bag project given to us in our home science class. Here my mom stepped in and bailed out of the situation. She crocheted this beautiful bag. I am not very good in photography and hence could not capture the beauty of the bag properly.

A Knitted Pair Of Socks (mom's work)


It is a crocheted socks pair. In those days there was no internet and for patterns one had to depend only on design books or borrow it from others who had made them. Thus my mom used to make all that she could lay her hands on and keep those patterns safe for future use. This socks is one among them.

Socks (mom's work)


This is just a single pair of sock, I couldn't find its other pair. It is again a knitted sock.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Sweater (mom's work)


Well it seems that I have accomplished one quiet tough task. And it was clicking the pictures. It was really a very hard work for me, hehehe.......

As promised in my last post, I am here with the pics of my crocheted items. But as of now I will only post the pictures which my mom had prepared. She is also a very good crocheter, I would say much better than me. My mom is an all-rounder. Here you can see her some of the beautiful works which even I find it difficult to make.

The above picture is a knitted sweater which she had knit for my brother. God knows when will I learn knitting sweaters.