Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sumeet's Haircut


Sumeet had a new haircut and I was really fascinated with it. He is just around 3 yrs old, but maintains quiet an attitude. Just look at his hairstyle. When I asked him to pose for me he was reluctant, however after lill buttering he let me click his hairstyle's pics. Kids today are too very smart, but anyways I love them. They are the live toys to play with...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Old Collection Of Purses


This is the very first batwa that I made. I was unsure how it would turn up, not as I expected but still people like it...

That's a cream colored clutch I made for mom. She loved it, but expressed her desire to have a black one, so ultimately I had to keep it.

This is also a clutch without flap, I made this after I made the above cream clutch, but its not for mom...... Its for me. Mom and I both are a big fan of black colored things, be it sarees, shoes or purses....

This is a bangle purse. That time I had just started experimenting with the crochet, so thought to give this pattern a try. I have actually used two of my bangles to make the handles of this purse, hence this purse is known as bangle purse. This purse was loved by all and I made one more for my sis's friend.

After getting compliments for the first bangle purse I thought to make it in a bigger version. The problem was to find such bigger sized bangles. These are too big for anybody to wear, ultimately I went at the craft stores and luckily there I saw aluminium circles. I bought them at once. Sometimes Rab accepts ur dua so quickly that later on we think,, kaash kuch aur maanga hota..

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Masala Pooris


For experiMental people, give them anything and they'll cook a dish out of it. Same is the case with me and my mom. There were lots of stuff in our refrigerator remaining in small small quantities and unnecessary occupying the space. Therefore one evening my mom and I got togather and added all those stuff in wheat flour while kneading it. We rolled pooris out of them and those pooris were finished off within a minute.

Now if everyone is curious to know what all we added in it, then it is for them to try these pooris at their own risk. We added spicy mayonnaise, tomoto ketchup, green chutney, leftover paneer, etc etc etc...... Its just creativity, add anything and everything along with your heart in any recipe and it will sure shot become delicious.... "Dil se banaye hui har cheez achi hoti hai"...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Glitter Purse (2)


This is my second glitter purse. I got lots of compliments for my first glitter bag and hence I tried it with a lighter shade of purse yarn. Although I hardly use these kinds of purses, but still I fancy to make it. Get scoldings from mom to make utility things rather than just satisfying my crocheting thirst...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My First Glitter Purse


As I am on a bag fever, I thought to post some of the purse which I had made earlier. All these were sitting in my drafts folder since a long time and begging me to post them..This is Shaista aunty's pattern published in her book on crochet. She is my aunt's friend and a fabulous lady with many talent to her credit. I've used glitter yarn for this pattern. Although the purse looks beautiful, I've hardly used it....

Monday, February 8, 2010



I love learning new things in craft. This was my first try with stuff toys which I had learned last year. Although making stuff toys is not a big deal only one should get the shapes of various parts proper. Apart from the shapes the stitching part too should be fine. I remember my mom used to make teddy's for us and that too she never had to join any class to learn this art. She simply made it.

I just wanted to be sure of the basics of this art and therefore joined the class. My rabbit's ears refuse to stand up properly as I made a lill mistake while stitching the ear's part. However it is a chubby fellow and a pet for all the kids who come to our house. That's another thing that I don't like to share my toys with other kids ;-D . The next projects I am intending to make are a flower and heart shaped pillows. I love different variety of colourful stuff pillows, so thats up on my list now.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Very First Swap Gift


Hurray!!!! That's my wow swap gift from Zainab aunty. Isn't it beautiful? A knitted purse in my fav colors..... Lovely lovely lovely... My both sis are jealous :-D. I've gone mad clicking its pics from all angles, and every angle holds its beauty..... See for yourself!!!

The base part......

The inside of the purse........ soooooooooo very soft.

Flower handles......

Leaf shaped buttons....