Friday, December 31, 2010

Baby Blanket


I had this baby blanket since long in my drafts. And I forgot all about it to post it here. Today while checking out all the drafts I came to this blanket and thought of posting it instantly. I made this blanket out of sheer boredom. I wanted to crochet something but didn't knew what... ( that's how confused I am sometimes). Although I was sure that I wanted to do some baby project but not a dress again this time. I've made lots of it.. So while surfing ravelry I came to this granny square blanket. Instantly it caught my attention and was quiet easy to prepare.

The next moment the wools were on my crocheting needle. I loved making this blanket, only thing that I feel the first small yellow square is lill tilted. Dunno where I made mistake but anyways I loved this granny square blanket. After completing when I showed this blanket to my mom and nani, they both teased me that it will best fit to my doll. Well I didn't had more wool to make it more bigger in size so I left it there itself. However looking me upset my mom assured that it may be used for a newly born baby too.. I became happy hearing this - Only she asked me not to gift it to anybody ;-)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gajar Ka Halwa


This is the season of red carrots. I love to prepare carrot juice and halwa during this season. Gajar ka halwa is one thing which gets disappeared as soon as it is made at our place. This time the major of the part was finished off my nani    ;-D  It gives me immense happiness when someone finishes off by my preparations so soon and happily.... Otherwise my siblings.. they rarely appreciate and are always skeptical to eat my experimatal stuffs.... ;-)


Carrots = 1 kg
Milk = 1/2 cup
Sugar = 4 tblspn
Ghee = 1 tblsp
Elaichi Powder = 1 tsp
Mawa = 50 gms


1. Wash, clean and grate the carrots.

2. Put them in cooker, add milk and take 2-3 whistles.

3. Remove the lid. Add sugar and ghee to the carrots and let it cook till it becomes dry. Keep stirring in between.

4. Once it comes to be dry add elaichi powder and mawa in it. Let it cook for more 15 mins.

5. Cool and serve.

1. There is always an option of making this halwa either dry or lill juicy. If you want to make it dry, cook till all the moisture in it evaporates. If want a lill juicy let it retain some in it. Either way it tastes great. Here I have tried to make this halwa as healthy as possible by adding less sugar and ghee.