Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My new Scooty


Atlast my fear for riding two-wheelers disappeared into thin air. Since my childhood I was always so scared to ride even cycle. I just couldn't balance that thing over only two-wheels. My parents would attach more two wheels (the balancing wheels) on both the cycle and then let me drive, hoping that my fear will drop down. But all would go in vain once I fall down. I gave up riding two-wheelers after that. And when I turned 18, I learned to drive 4-wheelers instead. I thoroughly enjoyed that.

I had given up but my mom didn't. She somhow convinced me to atleast try a scooty and enrolled me for a scooty driving class. Whoa!!!! I felt like main kahan phas gayi. However slowly slowly I began enjoying my training sessions. And I should say ultimately my mehnat paid off. I made my mom happy and proud. She got me this new scooty. And I love riding it now. There was a big argument at deciding the color. I wanted this purple one and my lill sis wanted a light pink one. Ultimately my sis gave in to my demands..... ;-)  I am just lovin it riding. Thanx mom.... Luv u.....

Saturday, September 25, 2010

To My Sis With Love - Happy Birthday


Today was my youngest sis's birthday. She is one of my pet, love to trouble her very much. And specially love her more when she screams after me. Bought a german black forest cake for her. Thought to prepare one at home itself, but no experimenting on her bday, she'll eat me up...

That's the gift she got from her friends. A beautiful hand in prayers... loved it.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Mamu's B'Day


My mamu was the closest person to me during my growing up days... We were more of friends than mama-bhaanji. Although the things are not that same anymore, but we still like to catch up few special moments of life togather. Today is his birthday and he is here at our place. My bro bought this cake for him and there was a small celebration....

Sunday, September 19, 2010



Butterflies are beautiful. I was always fascinated by them. Because of my fascination for them my parents had placed three artificial butterflies in our drawing room when I was a kid. I love the colors on them. I love their free nature. They are a beauty in itself. Although I should admit, if any of my bros bought that thing near me I would scream and run away.
I saw this butterfly sitting mazay se in my drawing room. I tried clicking its pic but it didn't come out that well. Whereas this butterfly was really very beautiful... We seldom pay attention to these creations which Rab made for us to see and destress. Rab has offered us nature as the biggest destresser but we get so much lost in our daily grind that we forget to see whats around us. I feel we should be always thankful to Rab for this...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My paintings


Some memories always brings happiness and colors in our life. For me its my paintings. I loved to paint during my growing up years. Simply simply loved to be with colors. Loved to dirty my hands with them and then go and trouble everyone with those colored hands...

Its been a long time now I didn't paint. Not that I don't like painting anymore but because of time constraints. Today while cleaning my stuffs I laid my hands on this paintings which I had long forgotton. This is only remaining with me now, rest all gifted away.

This one is still incomplete....

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Eid Mubarak


With the end of the month of Ramzan, coming with the new moon... Eid has arrived. The atmosphere on the eve of Eid is like that home where a daughter is about to get married. Everyone is happy for the celebrations but at the same moment there is some emptiness in heart that the month of ramazan has come to an end. Ramzan in the most blessed month among all. And it coming to an end brings lill sorrow as well the happiness of the approaching Eid. Same like the happiness of marrying away a daughter but at the same time upset that she is going away...

Eid not only is the time to celebrate but also its one of the main aspect is charity, which muslims are expected to extend to the needy. This has to be done before offering Eid namaz ( as in prayers). Hence the name Eid -ul - Fitr.

Eid is a day of joy and thanksgiving. Everyone visits each others place, this strenghthen the familial ties between people. Elders offer eidis to kids either in cash form or in gifts..This was the thing which we used to eagerly wait for as kids and at the end of the day count who received it more...

Today things are same, feelings are same but there is this lonileness. My parents are away this time. However the best gift this year my Rab gave me on Eid today is that my nani kissed my forehead after the Eid namaz. All these years I was expecting this from her but that never came. My nani is a tough person to please, but ultimaltely my patience and love paid off. My parents follow this ritual but in their absence there was no one. What better gift could I get on Eid this year. This Eid will always be remembered.

Ok I think enough of emotional talks.... Now lets talk about some food..... "Sheerkhurma" - speciality of eid. This year I prepared it, was amazing as my siblings loved it.... gave good comments. The food was simple, mutton curry and zeera rice... After eating so much of sweet since morning therez not much place for food. Well this time Eid at our place was a simple affair, just became lill exciting in the evening after friends came over. Friends I feel always add a spark in our life.. May Rab give happiness to everyone..

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My New Umbrella


I have been using my old umbrella since last 8-10 years. It was so good and sturdy that it was working fine till last year. It was only last year in rains that it broke. I was still using it as it is. I didn't had any heart to change it. Even this year I didn't bought a new one. My bro and sis were almost behind me to buy a new umbrella but I was against it. I usually avoided going out in rains and when I couldn't avoid either I used to get drenched or carry my sis's umbrella. And then my sis screaming and running after me to get back her umbrella.

It so happened, that I and my sis had gone out for shopping.... without the umbrella. The sky was clear and it didn't seem that it would rain. However one cannot trust rains in mumbai. It started raining heavily. We were stranded. Ulitmately got bored standing at one place. Thought to move on and buy one umbrella but there wasn't any shop selling umbrellas nearby. We had to walk a long distance, and there we saw umbrellas for sale. So happy I was that I ran leaving my sis behind. The main reason to get an umbrella was that my sis was alongwith me and was getting drenched because of me. She gets cough and cold very quickly, I was just concerned about her.

When I entered the shop the price tags of the umbrellas made me drop my jaw. I been a marwari (people call me by that name) didn't wanted to spend so much on such a thing which I would hardly use after a few days. However after scurring the whole shop I settled for the most cheapest one in that shop, still I got it for Rs. 350/-. After coming home both my sis and bro started after me for being such a kanjus and not buying a good piece. The umbrella is a sturdy one only that it is not beautiful, my sis said.... Well I can make it beautiful just waving my magic wand.... my jadoo ki chadii...

The umbrella in its original form......

The above pics..... after waving my magic wand, isn't it beautiful now? 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Harshu


Today is one of my bestest friend's birthday - Harshu. We share a very special bond. We are friends since 4th standard. Though sharing such a beautiful relationship, since last three years I forgot to wish her. I have to write this here as I feel I should admit it as my mistake.. Its not that I completely forgot but on the day itself it used to just slip out of my mind. Today I called her up and she was in office... The surprise and happiness in her voice was evident that my phone call made up her day. Tears were on both the side. That time I realised how much of value was my call to her... Ours is a heart to heart relationship and I pray to my Rab to keep it like this till the end...

Friday, September 3, 2010

Fear Factor


All seasons created by Rab are beautiful. Rains bring in the most lovely effect. I got up very early today morning and saw the beautiful colour of the sky. I clicked some pics and later on transferred it to my laptop. When I saw it over on my laptop, the pics looked scary... somewhat like the jungles in a fairytale. Well that's just my view.

This pic was clicked in the middle of the night. I wonder people might think me mad if they found me clicking pics at night...

Baby Mania


I got into making baby dress mode last month. Actually I wanted to gift some dresses to Neelam didi's sis-in-law's daughter Bhargavi and Neelam didi's friend's daughter Chaturya. But chaturya is around 1 1/2 yrs old and I just couldn't make a dress of her size. Simply because I enjoy making lill baby dress, and somehow subconciously I couldn't make that big a dress.

The above is a sienna dress gone wrong from ravelry. When I started with it, it was fine but around the middle part I got confused with the instructions and it started going wrong. However in no mood to frogg it at this part, I continued. This got made for a newborn baby size, whereas Bhargavi will turn a year old this september. So that means another dress to make....

This is a pretty pinnafore pattern from moms love of crochet. I loved this pattern at first sight and started making it at once. However after completing half the dress I realised this dress too will be for a newborn baby. So I lost interest and didn't make the pineapple frills at the end.

I attached beads and it looked very pretty.....

This is again archana didi's pattern, Once I had posted before too.

This I can very proudly say is my own pattern. I have a flower loom, and love to make flowers from it. I thought to experiment with the flowers and therefore made the upper part of the dress of flowers and lower part frilled one over the other. I had this kind of dress when I was a kid, I thought to replicate it in crochet.

This is a ruffled baby dress again gone lill wrong ( not with the pattern bt with the needle and yarn). While making these dresses my nani was here with us. When she saw all those small dresses she asked me to crochet a bigger one, keeping her request in mind I made this using a baby wool and a bigger sized needle. Now people who crochet can imagine what can happen with such a combi.
But to my surprise, neelam didi loved this one very much... That means my mehnat vasool......