Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mall Culture


Since a few years back many malls have cropped up in my city. Since then one can see lots of crowd in the mall rather than on mini-seashore. Though malls are colorful but I feel something amiss there. Well thats my view.....

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Healthy Dry Fruit Juice


Winter has started and once again therz this need to warm up the body. We always prefer this juice during winters, it not only provides warmth but is known to provide good health and resistance for the next six months, if taken continously for a week.

RECEIPE:    For 1 person

Black dates = 1
Black currants = 10
Dried figs = 1
Dried apricots = 1
Walnuts = 1

1. Wash, clean and soak the first four ingredients in enough water overnight.

2. Next morning grind it along with the water that was used to soak it. If its too thick add some more water.

3. Sieve it through a strainer and serve it along with walnuts.

1. While drinking this juice, walnuts should be eaten alongwith it.

2. Have this juice the first thing in the morning.

3. Everyday increase the quantity of black dates. e.g. first day it is 1 black date, next day make it 2, after that 3 and so on till the seventh day. On eighth day start reducing the quanity by one. e.g. on eight day it should be 7 instead of 8 dates, next day it should be 6 and so on. Have this juice this way at the most for 15 days.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Old Crocheted Stuff


Some pics were since long in my drafts pleading to be posted. All these pics are attached to my life in some way or the other.

My mom had gifted me a crochet play set when I was a kid. It was a beginners set and that's where I developed my love for crochet. That play set had a flower loom and I loved making flowers from it. I made so many flowers but didn't knew what to make out of it. I had made a doily once before - a round one, so thought to make some other shape this time. I dunno whether it could be called a doily or not, but it is such a softee thing.

That's one among the pair of baby booties I made. Please don't ask for its other pair.

When my purse fever had caught on me, I regularly used to surf online for new and different purse patterns. That's when I came across this pattern I immediately thought to make it. I tried this in wool first and later on with glitter purse thread. The purse looked great in both the yarns. The above one is in wool.

This doily is made by naik aunty - archana didi's mom. She had gifted this to my mom, and my mom gave it under my care. Its such a lovely beautiful pattern that I want to try it in some other yarn...

I am not of a toran person, but we had to make a toran for our home science project. Thats when I made this toran.

In our home science class we were asked to make a baby poncho. When I started out one it didn't come up well. Therefore I made a sample one to show the pattern to my mom. Later on she helped me to complete my baby-sized poncho. My mom was always there when I needed her. I dunno whether I can be ever as good as her.

This is again an experimental purse. This is my design - again made during one of my purse fevers.

My mom had made a Quran cover during her time. I wanted to make same like hers, but I am not as pro as she was. I did some mistake in the pattern and had to stop at the flap part. Being a scorpion I didn't want to give up. I made another one though a lill smaller in size, but that was perfect. The above one is the first one, soon I'll post the other cover's pic.

This is again a sample U-pin shawl.

This is the bigger U-pin shawl made out of the wool from my mom's time. She asked me to do this.

Closer look.....

This experimental basket made out of scrap yarns...

Again this is an experimental thing made to keep my small small floral hairpins, its other thing that my mom didn't let me use it for that.

My mom always used to ask to make such kinds of rumals. She made a lot during her time. Everytime I was like who uses them anymore now... But dunno y, one day dil se.. I felt like making them. So I made four each of the two patterns. The above one is the first I made.

This is the second pattern. Both these patterns are from shaista aunty's book.