Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Partner Yumna


My sweet partner yumna..... Our neighbour in Qatar. I saw her first when she was around 3yrs old. Such a charming girl she was then. Always loved to dress up, have baby fights with me, loved to play ringa - ringa roses with me, help me with my experimental cooking, lifts me up to show her strength (she was quiet a chubby girl). This is the best ever pic I hav of her. Missing her today......

Tuesday, April 28, 2009



My brother's trip at my dad's place in Qatar was a good one as he bought back some good pics for my blog. Feel happy at such times as brother's rarely contribute. He is a one animal lover (but a hardcore non-veggie), he loves pets and argues that he'll have a rabbit as a pet. We tell better to go off to a jungle and have as many pets he wants....

This thing I love most about the qatar. It is near the corniche area and is termed as lulu (pearl). I liked the first pic but I feel I should also appreciate my brother's creativity in the second pic. Good one na.

Animal Kingdom.....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pigeon's Eggs Omlette


God has given me a variety of brothers ;-). Yes that's how I call them, they are a variety in themselves. One of my cousin bro, Zeeshan is one of a kind. Brothers are always irritating and he too is no exception. A pigeon laid eggs on one of a flowerpot of our house. One day sitting in the balcony with my cousin bro, we saw those eggs. The moment he saw those eggs, the beast within him woked up. He got those eggs and went in the kitchen to prepare omlette. I was so shocked at this, I couldn't speak a word. Why don't boys have a heart? I was so upset that when the parents pigeon will be back and find their lill ones missing........ what will they feel. It would be so sad. But he asked me not to be an emotional fool and happily ate those two eggs omlette with sauce....

Friday, April 10, 2009



HUH!!! A very busy month March was. My exams ended on 1st of march and since then there has been running around. Finally got some time to blog. Since I wrote my last blog I wanted to post the pics of the Rasgullas which we made. So here they are, yummy and delicious. I have made them small in size, but anyways size never matters when it comes to rasgullas, its only how much you can eat.

Well well, enough of rasgullas now. My mouth starts watering with just the mention of it. Apart from rasgullas, I made some crochet bags, two to be specific, in the month of March. Thought of taking its pictures but couldn’t get time because of my busy schedule. But Insha Allah soon I’ll post the pictures of all the work I’ve been doing till date.