Thursday, September 15, 2011

What A Lovely Life It Is!!!!


Its being a routine now that I need to always start my post with an apology. Again this post is coming after a long time. This post consists of my Raksha Bandhan celebrations, Eid celebrations and my fun times with Prem. Yes therez again lots more pics of him.. Though I am posting after a long time but this time I don't mind much as it was a happy time all the way till now and Insha Allah it will continue as it is in the future too. Yup, was surrounded by work too but this time Rab has showered on me his choicest of blessings and I take this chance to thank Him from my heart. And thanx to all my blogger friends too for praying and caring for me all the while. All the comments really perk me up. Thanks a lot.

This cake was bought by one of my sis's rakhi brother. This raksha bandhan was the most fun, enjoyable and special in my life. I had so much of fun on that day that its difficult for me to find words to describe it here.

These are all my neighbour rakhi brothers. Brothers are real shaitans I should say, see the pic one of them is trying to pinch another.... Brothers and shaitanis go hand in hand.....

This is my cousin brother. He already had this thing on his hand. When I asked him why had he worn such a thing when in Islam it is not allowed for boys to adorn any jewelleries. He said it is 'Suraksha Kawach' - protection for brothers from their sisters. And the 3 eye beads that it had over it was for we 3 sis. Very funny :-p

And when we tied rakhi to him instead of giving us gifts he asked money from us itself. When we questioned him about it he answered that when a sister ties a rakhi on her brother's hands then the bro had to protect his sister all his life. So he was asking for the protection money. Whoa... these brothers....... they are always troubling but life without them wont be fun, isn't it?

Here comes my Prem. He was not at all in good mood on the raksha bandhan day. Thats y was not given good poses and was not even giving me to tie rakhi on his hand properly. Below are his various moods that day....

Hurray!!! I ultimately succeded in tying the rakhi and clicking the pic too.... 

The above three pics were clicked a few days later. He was in his junglee self on that day and I loved him even more for it. 

Then came the Eid. I am really feeling very guilty as I had thought of posting the recipe of sheerkhurma this time, but the whole day was spent so busy and running around that I just couldn't get any time to post anything. This cake was bought by Anup, my sis's rakhi brother.

Below are some more pics of Prem as I had promised. He is just so cute that my work has taken a back seat as I am constantly playing with him.. Once my mom comes back I know all this masti has to stop, boo hoo hoo :-(  But never mind still I'll find ways to play with that sweet angelic devil.. Yes hez become one of them and has now started doing lots of nakhras... :-(    I love it.....

Monday, August 8, 2011

Prem Babu


This is the new addition in my neighbour's family. They've named him Prem - big fan of Salman Khan that they are.... He is one of the cutest baby and too tempting to kiss him lots and lots of it everytime. The thing I like about him is that he is not a cranky fellow. Always cheerful and smiling. I just adore him... Got one more toy to play with now ;-D   More pics of him will surely come up this Raksha Bandhan when I'll tie a rakhi to him and in return take more lots of kisses from him - my rakhi gift..

Maazaa Kheer


This was actually sugarcane kheer from my newspaper cuttings recipes. And my bestest friend had given me a stern warning not to have sugarcane juice ever. That is because sugarcanes have a property to soak in the water. The people who sell sugarcane juice on the road side stall usually stock up sugarcanes just at the side of their stalls wherein dirty water also flows from beneath it. This dirty water is absorbed by the sugarcanes and thats what goes into our tummy when we drink its juice.

I always get tempataions whenever I pass on a sugarcane juice stall. Many times I also argue with my friend ki ek baar pine se kya bigad jayega but she is adamant. However when I got this recipe I instantly got a bahana to use sugarcane juice. Well but me being a good friend or atleast my friend thinks it that way :-D, I dropped the idea of using the sugarcane juice. However my experiMENTAL mind was running high searching an alternative. Thats when I saw a bottle of maazaa fruit juice in my refrigerator, my bro had bought it. The devil in me said yippie and immediately took it out for my further experimentations....... I used maazaa instead of sugarcane juice.

This recipe is just as crazy as me so try it on ur own risk. ;-)


Basmati tukra rice = 1/2 cup
Maazaa juice = 2 cups

1. Soak rice in water for 1/2 hr. Half cook it in pressure cooker for a few minutes.

2. Add the half cooked rice to the maaza juice and cook on slow flame for 25-30 mins..

3. When it comes to the required thickness switch off the flame.

4. Let it cool for sometime and grind it in mixer.

5. Serve it in a bowl garnished with dry fruits of choice...

Sending this Anyone Can Cook Event at Taste Of Pearl City.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Belated Ramzan Mubarak.....


I've really become a very lazy blogger. But its not laziness actually. Summer season was full of work and since rains started my health alongwith the health of my other family members was down. We all within a gap of 2-3 days got sick with some kind of viral fever. And it continued the whole last month. After effects of the fever is showing up even now. Feeling tired, and some headaches and all in that I had to part ways with my mom as she left to be with my dad for the month of Ramzan. Things are just hotch-potch with me right now. Even the first day of ramzan for me was so tough and emotionally draining. However things that kept me floating even in this deluge of emotions were ofcourse my hobbies. Getting some time at home and having nothing else to do sometimes makes me very happy as I get to do my stuff that I like the most.

Of course this time cooking had taken a back stage. The last thing I tried was Khara Biscuits from Iyengar bakery. Got the recipe on one of the blog of my blogger friend. However my oven is giving me attitude nowadays and is not baking the biscuits properly. It just spoiled my mood even more as just a day before I had made sponge cake and that too turned out to be too hard.

Ultimately I turned to crocheting for my solace and that really lifted up my mood. Nowadays have started out with embroideries and its turning out to be too good de-stressing factor for me.

Well my this post should be about ramzan but just emptying out my heart. While I checked my mail today I saw a mail from Iqrasense website. It offers some good info on Islam and really proves to be useful. The article on how to maximise your rewards can be found here. Therez also some more info and resources on ramzan here.  Hope it benefits all of us and may our Rab forgives us and accepts our prayers.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mumbai Meri Jaan....


Aahh... after a very long time on my blog. Feeling like back in the comforts of my home. Rab ka shukar hai... Was thinking what to post after a long time and I got mine while returning from the airport yesterday. Since past few days somebody complained me about Mumbai and Mumbai life, stating that its not safe living in Mumbai. Things like khoon-kharaba, chori-dacaiti, dhoka-fareb, loot-maar, hafta wasuli and rough and tough people. Besides therez less love between people. Believe me this is exactly what was told to me about my Mumbai. And I don't understand why people think so negative about this city.

Anyways, yesterday after dropping my mom at the airport while on our way back I saw this and just smiled. This is mumbai I felt. I feel we are very adjusting people. It was raining very very heavily that time and to save themselves from the rain, the people inside the autorickshaw kept open their umbrella in this way. I felt it just amazing and hence without wasting time took my cell phone and clicked the pic from the car.

Therez just a request to all those who reads this post. Just because of few wrong people don't hold the whole city responsible. I believe there are good and bad people everywhere - agreed that somewhere it may be less and somewhere more but that doesn't means the whole lot are bad. Mumbai has seen some terrible times, we all know that. It is not our mistake that we are born in mumbai or that terrorist usually target our city or simply because of some bad goons everybody considers the whole population of that city wrong. We are humans too and we do have a heart. Just need everybody's understanding at this point. Hoping to get everybody's support.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thousand Things Running In Mind And Heart Not At Peace


Yes I am terribly tired and my head is spinning 360 degrees. ( I imagine myself as one of the cartoon character at such times - head spinning 360 degrees... heheheh). Lots of work and no time for myself is what makes me more grumpy.. Whenever I log in and check out my fellow bloggers, the recipes out there makes my mouth water and my heart insists on trying them soon. But the next look on my schedule makes me sigh. I had a feeling that all these would end by this month, but thats not gonna happen anymore. Though would be a bit relaxed but work load is gonna increase even more. 

There are some wonderful events going on and I was desperately wishing and hoping to go ahead with them.. For some I even dished out some delicacies but didn't had enough time for photography.... Get scoldings from my people that I always complain of having no time and wasting time here by photographing.... They'll never understand what blogging means to me.. Another reason is that like me they too lack some patience till I finish clicking off. They wanna dunk in as soon as the dish is made. Still after having it all my siblings never appreciate as they say it will spoil me. Boo hoo hoo....

Life is just turning around to no proper end. This is the place where I get beautiful comments from my blogger friends and it really makes a difference on me and motivates me... I look forward to everybody's comments rather than sulk about the non-appreciative tactics of my people... Well being a scorpio not ready to give in to life so easily, I know to fight back. Insha Allah I'll overcome this time too..

The more bad I am feeling is for neelam didi. This sunday it was her first wedding anniversary and I just couldn't wish her.. I was very badly down with health since saturday, and sunday was in more worse condition. Atleast that I could have messaged her, would have made her happy... So bad Me...... I was preparing a special gift for her anniversary but missing out on her anniversary just spoilt all my mood now.

Sometimes just don't understand the ways of life... Life it seems is very beautiful and bright but one such incident which may hurt makes in dull and lifeless. The more we try to cheer ourselves, the more we or should I say 'I' sulk. Dunno whether its same for everyone. I don't give up easily but constantly fighting neither gives me any high,, specially when the person or the other life I am fighting with is somebody my own... How differences get creeped into relationships and spoils the main essence of it... Well coming back to neelam didi - its been a year since her wedding. Last year had a wonderful time. I was seeing a full-fledged wedding for the first time. Right from the process of engagement, wedding card, mehendi, haldi, wedding, I just loved it all. And later on didi bought some beautiful pics of kullu manali, where she went for her honeymoon...

Sorry neelam didi,, I am sure u will understand, I did remember you on ur anniversary day... And I hope my life comes back to normalcy once again....

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dress Designing - Reposting


Aah hah!!! My first post after the awards season. The more I was desperate to post it the more it kept getting delayed. Well before the awards posts I posted about the stuff I made for my sis F.D. class. Continuing with that is my this post. Its a lovely post and many memories are attached to it. I had fun making all these. I always loved designing my own clothes and giving tips to my friends whenever they needed it. Thats the reason they frowned and complained when I started wearing hijab. They came up to me and said they won't anymore get to copy my dresses patterns.. :-) Designing is just my hobby and I love it very much.... Sometimes I just love designing crazy and funky pieces. I think designing always depends on the state of mind of a person.... And I am mostly on my craziest self.... My folks always ask me to grow up but I dunno what growing up means. Does anybody have an answer? Think bout' it and enjoy the pics....

When I started designing for my sis I felt designing on a paper is more tough than just simply giving a pattern to a dress that one has. All minute and intrinsic things matter on a paper. Though the finished product also should be on the perfectionist line but according to me merely designing anything on a paper needs to knock out the energy out of one's brains.

Because it was a class project I had to design clothes according to the teacher's theme. Otherwise I am no hearts with this kinds of dresses. The cuts on the trousers from around mid thighs are simply not my taste...

We had to do many trials on paper before making the final one. Loved this saree very much as it has one of my favorite color 'Black'.

Sometimes I don't understand why models have to wear such extra ordinary clothes ( should I say clothes?) on the ramp when people may actually not wear them... Just rolled my head up and down and designed these crazy stuffs.....

Lots of pains and sweet memories are included while making all these things... I dunno whether or how long my sis will take care of these projects but now I am content that I have them up on my blog which will always remind me of that time...( Hope blogger doesn't removes my this post again... Due to some probs I lost this post and comments too... )