Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Fish Tank........... Now.......


My brother completely changed the theme of the fish tank, which I don't love at all. The orange pebbles doesn't suit anymore.

Hence he changed it to the white pebbles.

He messed up all the things in the fish tank and gets glares from me...

After constantly scolding behind him, he made few settled things properly.

Kissing fish......

Colourful fishes are always a delight to watch. Its lovely to watch them play and do masti. I thought only humans do masti, but fish kingdom too have some badmaash fishes to trouble others,, so good na.

My Fish Tank...........Then........


As I had promised to post pics of my fish tank, I am keeping up my promising after almost six months.. I realised how difficult it is to click fish pics. They constantly move and rarely give you a minute to click them.

My brother spoiled this image by placing the text in between of the photograph. The other name for brothers is trouble.

I love this pic, very calm and serene.....

This is the don fish of my tank.

Food time baby...

Two for a company..

Fish food... They are live keedaas... hehehehe

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Samidha


Today was my bestest friend's birthday. And after a long time I could celebrate it with her. It was a double joy. My didi (her elder sis), wedding got fixed. It was really a time for celebration today. My heart is so filled with emotions that I am not getting any words to write as of now. I just want to thank my Rab for showing me this day today. Thank You Rab..... The way you have bestowed happiness and peace today on us, please do it for everybody forever.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Holi Purse


To prove how a late lateef blogger I am, here is my posting for today. This bag I had made last year during holi, but posting it here only a year later. I had made this bag to store all my cell accessories. Although the bag is complete, I still have to attach velcro to close it ends. Feeling lill guilty to admit that I've been using this as it is since a year.

This bag was made out of experiment. I had asked my younger brother to get me a multi-coloured wool from the shop. He along with my younger cousin brother bought this one, stating that the other multi-coloured one was not that good (I don't understand why boys use there brains in such things). I should admit it I didn't liked the wool in the beginning and asked them to return it. But boys, I hate them for not listening and obeying ;- D, they flatly refused to go back again. Ultimately I thought to give it a try and made a bag with simple basic stitch.

Loved the outcome and got to learn in the process. A little tight or little loose crocheting makes a lot of difference while using any multicoloured yarn. I've crocheted a lill loose on the top and bottom side and lill tight in the middle. Its feels so good to see different effects from the same wool. Just love it.

Friday, March 12, 2010

After The Exams.......


Day before yesterday while clicking the following pics my mom asked why I gave them a book's background. I could just smile and say waise hi. The actual thing is that I bought this earrings during my exam period only and that I am totally fida over anything green-maroon combi with antique finish these days. Since I've seen these kinds in the market I am head over heals in love with them. Though I was hesitating to buy them earlier as I am not much of a earring person, but I had to give in when I saw these pairs in the exhibition in our city.

I love exhibitions and cannot control my temptations visiting them specially when it is a handicraft exhibition. We had Sahara Arts and Handicrafts Exhibition held on our exhibition ground of the city. I must say it was a lovely one. The best place for me to visit during exams. This was my final sem and besides lots of other work too had to be completed. There was a huge roadblock I had to overcome and Alhamdulillah by my Rab's grace I could do it. Well well I m not gonna write anything negative today, I am very happy. So only good things as of now.


This above pair too I bought from the same exhibition. It has meenakari work on it. Its a pendant and earring set. A lill info on meenakari work can be found here and here. I can only say that there are several beautiful things in India and meenakari jewellery is one among them. During such exhibitions one gets to see handicrafts from various parts of India and it really makes us wonder about our country's talents spread all across. I am planning to use pearls for this pendant as such types can be seen a lot on television these days. Insha Allah soon I'll make and post it here.