Friday, November 26, 2010

Paani Puri - Golgappa Shooters


Paani Puri!!!!!! I LOVE IT to no extent. Saw it on masterchef and was very keen to try it...Chef Ajay Chopra and Kunal Kapoor showed golgappa shooters. My mouth started watering then and there itself. Yummy yummy yummy......... Above are the golgappa shooters. From right, Orange - Sepu flavour. Next below is Guava - Coriander flavour. Third above is Tomato - Coriander flavour. And the left last one is Apple - Mint - Tea flavour. Well when I started out with it I didn't checked out things in my kitchen.. But as it always happen, be it with my crochet or cooking. I ran out of few ingredients required in the recipe. Ultimately had to do without it...

This is the filling I prefer most. Khari boondis, sprouted moong and boiled vatanas. I still get confused over vatanas, soyabeans and chawlis. They look the same to me.. ;-) Wish my mom was here. She too loves paani puri very much. Whenever we make paani puris at home therez a competition between us as in who will eat the most. Missed her this time very much.

Paani puris are called as junk food. Hence I always try to add something healthy to junk foods so that I can atleast give my excuse to have them more often. Here sprouts come to my rescue...

Orange - Sepu :-

Orange juice = 250 ml
Sepu veg = 1 tbsp
Black salt = 2 pinch
Zeera powder = 2 pinch
Lemon juice = as per taste

1. Cut sepu veg very finely.

2. Mix into orange juice along with all other ingredients. Serve chilled.

Guava - Coriander :-

Guava juice = 250 ml
Zeera powder = 1 tblsp
Coriander leaves = 1 tblsp
Black salt = 4-5 pinch
Tabasco sauce

1. Cut coriander leaves very finely.

2. Mix in with all the above ingredients.

I didn't had tabasco sauce in my kitchen so I made without it.

Tomato - Coriander :-

Tomato Juice = 250 ml
Coriander leaves = 1 tblspn
Salt = 1 pinch
Lemon juice = as per taste.
Tabasco sauce

1. Chop celery and coriander leaves finely.

2. Gind tomatoes to a pulp and squeeze out its juice.

3. Add rest of the ingredients. Mix well.

1. Here again I didn't used tabasco sauce and celery as both were not available in my kitchen.

2. Next I didn't boiled tomatoes, so the juice had a lill raw taste. It may taste lill diff if boiled and then grinded for juice..

Apple - Mint - Tea :-

Apple juice = 250 ml
Mint leaves = 10 - 12
Tea bag = 1
Lemon juce

1. Put tea bags in boiling water.

2. Either use tetra packed apple juice or make a fresh one.. Here I have made fresh apple juice.

3. Finely chop mint leaves.

4. Mix togather tea water, apple juce, lemon juice and mint. Serve.

This is the regular paani poori which we usually eat near the mini seashore... I made the water using everest paani poori masala. Then I made tamarind jaggery chutney to go with it..

For Chutney

Tamarind extract = 1/2 cup
Jaggery = 1/4 cup
Jeera powder = 4 tsps
Black salt = 2 tsps
Red chilli powder = 1 tsp
Garam masala = 1 tsp

1. Mix all the above ingredients and keep it to boil.

2. Let it simmer for 5 minutes. Remove and cool.

For Pani Puri Water

Water = 1 litre
Coriander leaves = 1/2 cup
Mint leaves = 1/2 cup
Ginger garlic paste = 1 tsp
Green chillies = 3
Black salt = 2 tsps
Jeera powder = 2 tsps
Everest paani puri masala = 2 tsps
Lemon juice = 1 tbsp
Salt to taste

1. Grind all the above ingredients with little water.

2. Pour in a vessel, and keep it still for an hour.

3. After an hour pass this water through a sieve and serve chilled.

I had made pani puris a day before eid. Couldn't post earlier as there was some probs with both my laptop and computer. However enjoyed eating pani puris. On eid people usually start their day by having sheerkhurma. I started with pani pooris.. I ate something around 40 - 45 in the evening. Some were left so kept it in the refrigerator. Next morning when I opened the refrigerator just couldn't resist the sight of pani puris, so gulped down some good 15-20 puris that time. :-D

This is my entry to "Only Chaat" event.

Edited on 28th Nov, 2010

The chefs recipes for golgappa shooters is up on their website.... Check it out... Just saw it and realised i've missed on few ingredients somewhere..


  1. good variety of accompaniments for Pani Poori

  2. heyy samira...

    glad u cud bring the golgappa shooters from masterchef india out here...
    i cud partly make a note of it ...

    u have a nice space dear :)


  3. Wow! what a wonderful presentation...very nice clicks

  4. It is hard for me to pass any golgapa wala's stall. I have to stops and taste it. In Dhaka we only have gol gappa's but not pani puri and I miss it. I ate it while I was visiting Calcutta. Your nice pictures are mouth watering.