Friday, October 22, 2010



Today aryan had diya decoration competition at his school. Yesterday we roamed whole market togather to buy diya and decoration materials. First we bought the diya then its decoration materials. However I was not keen on decorating it with other decorative stuffs. I wanted to paint it. Only on aryan's insistence I bought all those stuff.

After coming home I first started colouring it, I used rangeela color set. By that time all the other kids were troubling so had to stop in between and let the color dry. Today after waking up the first thing I did was to complete his coloring work. Just sometime before when he had to leave for school sticked the glass pieces. I was very happy with the results, but aryan was not. He wanted me to write 'Happy Diwali' on it which I was against. It would just spoil the whole look of it. He was not that happy and I felt bad, not because he was upset but because with all my heart made this for him.... and he didn't showed any excitement or happiness.

However just to cheer him up I said that he will receive highest marks for this, and if he didn't then he can come and scold me for spoiling his diya. I was really really upset but when he came back from school, saw the excitement on his face and felt relieved. Indeed he got the highest marks. Thanks Rab, for keeping my words infront of that kid.... Thank you very much..

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