Thursday, December 31, 2009

Before The Year Ends.............


AAHAA!!! Wish I had asked for something more good. I needed a break very badly and wanted to spend some time with friends. Yes apart from our family true friends are those people who are great stressbusters. I got a call from my friend samidha to spend the weekend in some village. I am very crazy about villages and village homes, specially the ones which have field near the home. She called up in the afternoon and tried to convince me. The way she said was lovely, i love it. Gaon main jaana hai, Gaon ka ghar hai...ghar ke aage khet.....khet ke aage will love it. I dunno whats khaliyan but whatever it is I simply love it, but still I refused half-heartedly. Later at night around 9.30 her younger sis called up and would not listen a no from me. I had to give in. I called up my parents for permission and they gave it before I could ask for it. I had told my mom about this in the evening while chatting.

Now therez a lot of packing to be done. We'll leave tomorrow early morning and be back by sunday evening. Wow I am so excited. The year end has turned out to be very beautiful for me and Insha Allah the coming year too will be the same beautiful.

Well Well Well. I was thinking of writing so much about the year which will get over today, but my mind is just busy with stuff I need to take, packing them and all. I am so excited that I simply dont know what and how I write. I think now I should stop and get going for packing my things. Its already very late. I'll be back soon with lots of beautiful things.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Deceived....... By Chance

Everybody always wanted me to grow up. Not only age wise but mentally too. (as you all know i have so many experi-mental things with me... hihihihi). My Rab has given such a wonderful life that I just couldn't see beyond that. I didn't knew what life exactly is?, what was its purpose of existence? and so many questions. In first place I never had such kind of questions in my head ever. Although I was very inquisitive but also full of answers - childlike answers. Things were very fun. but suddenly I dunno how I grew up. I don't mind my age but my mental system grew up, which I never thought it would.

I have started behaving like a grown up adult person, which I find very very boring. This year gave me both good and bad moments. Though things were volatile this whole year, in the end it gave a lot of good relief. I hope it continues, it will InshaAllah. During my birthday, life returned me back my friend, and today................ oohh thats a story, I think I should speak up and remove it from my heart, or else it'll keep me troubling next year too.

Staying away from my dad all my life has made me miss that fatherly figure in my life always. My dad loves me a lot but work keeps him busy. So for that reason any person of my father's age keeps his hands over my head to bless me, I really feel touched and trust that person to no end point. I realised my mistake. Not all old man are good anymore in today's world, that's what I learned this year. A wrong business decision at the start of this year led to a whole lot of tension one after another and kept me busy with just that. My business decisions never go wrong Alhamdulillah. Whatever I do be it in my personal or professional life , I always do Istikhara (thats a prayer to seek Allah's guidance before starting any work)first and then only take further step. I dont know what went wrong and before taking such a big decision I didn't do Istikhara, just trusted that old man who we considered as a family friend. And me, I gave him my love and respect like I would give to my father.

But that old man proved that money is the only true relation, which neither speaks false and deceive others. However, that mistake kept me on my toes whole year. I just didn't knew what to do and didn't wanted to depend on that old man alone to come out of that problem. Not only him, I never like to depend on anyone apart from my Rab. But there was just no way out I could think of. Ultimately prayers come for our help. My Rab showed me the proper way to come out of it. Now everyone will ask, how come God show the way. Yes thats the inner voice within all of us which speaks on our Rab's behalf. We just have to sincerely listen to it.

Now I got the way to come out of the probs, but didn't had the courage coz I didn't wanted to take that step and spoil our relationship. I have always given importance to relationships over my any and every business. I had to wait more six months but ultimately things started folding out in its own proper course at a very right time. And now when I know I am not wrong in any way I can stand up infront of that old man and show him the mirror. Yes he needs to see himself in that.

Today I did what I never had courage for. For many people it might be a very simple common thing. But for me it is my fight for my rights. I sent a notice through my lawyer to that person who too was involved. My lawyer asked me send notice to that old man and his other partner in crime too, but I couldn't agree though I wanted to. However, I know Rab will surely do justice and make him realise his mistakes. I dont wanna hurt him, but he will have to realise what he did to me and many other people like me. Hurting a daughter of sayed family yields nothing good to anybody. I know today I am sounding very bad but I need to spill out this venom within me.

For him, I being a girl can't do anything and as a matter of fact should not do anything. Girls are meant to be showpieces kept at home for decorative purpose. He never allowed me to do or say much, and I respected his words. Although my parents never stopped me for taking any decisions, but with him... he took all the decisions himself without approving it from us. He being an elderly person I simply kept quiet. But I can never take down anything wrong for a longer time and what he had done this time was unforgivable. And when I answered back, I became the arrogant girl. I dont care. This is how girls are always known to be who speak upright, isnt it?

Well Well, just leave it. I am feeling very fine and relaxed. and I hope Rab helps me like this all the time. I just believe in one thing when we are not wrong, we shouldn't be scared of anything. and I am also not scared of anything. I can only say he deceived me because I gave him a chance to do so. InshaAllah never next time. Life always teaches a lesson and I believe never to repeat our mistakes.

Ok it was all these things only that kept me busy this year, with very less peace of mind. However all is well that ends well. I am so much caught up that I really really need a break now. Just wanna be myself. Thought of going on a holiday, but i'll have to drag myself for that, besides my friends will have to apply for the leave. All my energies have gone down the drain. I wanna refresh everything in my life.

I wanted to visit the northern parts of India specially during this winter time. I wanna go there in this cold and have an icecream, no infact two.. two icecreams. I think it should be three or four or five or many more..... but dear as my luck has to be, my parents want me to be with them for a few days, just for a change. God!! whenever I've planned to go north something or the other has happend and cancelled my plans.

Anyways now, someother time. I hope I get time and stress free time I mean to blog. I really missed my blog. Several things happened which I wanted to write it down here. There were several pics too which I wanted to post here, but I lost all of them. I wish I had saved them in my drafts. They simply got deleted while my bro formatted the PC and I didnt saved them in my external harddisk (too lazy to do that). Those pics were some really beautiful moments, I wish I recover them anyhow.......... I know dts not possible now. I didn't had its backup either.

Ok Ok be positive for everthing. "Acha Socho To Hamesha Acha Hi Hota Hai" ( think good and only good will happen to you. I really thank my lord for all the good things happening in my life.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Taare Zameen Par


Kids are truly 'Taare zameen par'. This is sumeet my cute lill neighbour. Don't go by the cuteness and innocency of his face, he is as much naughty as any kid can be. Sometimes he is arrogant and throws a lot of attitude, something which I didn't knew about when I was a kid... However I enjoy kids company a lot. And having kids near you makes you a lot more experimenting with them.

We wanted to paint a christmas tree but with a difference. So we sought ''shumeet's" (dts how I call him) help. We painted his hands sayin we'll play color-color, and then asked him to put his hands over a paper in a certain leaf manner. He became nervous after a few trials as we were not getting the desired image. At last... after a lot of trials we succeded and the expression of joy on everybody's face except shumeet. Although he tried to smile with us, but he was certainly amused and that's when I thought to capture his expressions asking him to pose...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mall Culture


Since a few years back many malls have cropped up in my city. Since then one can see lots of crowd in the mall rather than on mini-seashore. Though malls are colorful but I feel something amiss there. Well thats my view.....

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Healthy Dry Fruit Juice


Winter has started and once again therz this need to warm up the body. We always prefer this juice during winters, it not only provides warmth but is known to provide good health and resistance for the next six months, if taken continously for a week.

RECEIPE:    For 1 person

Black dates = 1
Black currants = 10
Dried figs = 1
Dried apricots = 1
Walnuts = 1

1. Wash, clean and soak the first four ingredients in enough water overnight.

2. Next morning grind it along with the water that was used to soak it. If its too thick add some more water.

3. Sieve it through a strainer and serve it along with walnuts.

1. While drinking this juice, walnuts should be eaten alongwith it.

2. Have this juice the first thing in the morning.

3. Everyday increase the quantity of black dates. e.g. first day it is 1 black date, next day make it 2, after that 3 and so on till the seventh day. On eighth day start reducing the quanity by one. e.g. on eight day it should be 7 instead of 8 dates, next day it should be 6 and so on. Have this juice this way at the most for 15 days.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Old Crocheted Stuff


Some pics were since long in my drafts pleading to be posted. All these pics are attached to my life in some way or the other.

My mom had gifted me a crochet play set when I was a kid. It was a beginners set and that's where I developed my love for crochet. That play set had a flower loom and I loved making flowers from it. I made so many flowers but didn't knew what to make out of it. I had made a doily once before - a round one, so thought to make some other shape this time. I dunno whether it could be called a doily or not, but it is such a softee thing.

That's one among the pair of baby booties I made. Please don't ask for its other pair.

When my purse fever had caught on me, I regularly used to surf online for new and different purse patterns. That's when I came across this pattern I immediately thought to make it. I tried this in wool first and later on with glitter purse thread. The purse looked great in both the yarns. The above one is in wool.

This doily is made by naik aunty - archana didi's mom. She had gifted this to my mom, and my mom gave it under my care. Its such a lovely beautiful pattern that I want to try it in some other yarn...

I am not of a toran person, but we had to make a toran for our home science project. Thats when I made this toran.

In our home science class we were asked to make a baby poncho. When I started out one it didn't come up well. Therefore I made a sample one to show the pattern to my mom. Later on she helped me to complete my baby-sized poncho. My mom was always there when I needed her. I dunno whether I can be ever as good as her.

This is again an experimental purse. This is my design - again made during one of my purse fevers.

My mom had made a Quran cover during her time. I wanted to make same like hers, but I am not as pro as she was. I did some mistake in the pattern and had to stop at the flap part. Being a scorpion I didn't want to give up. I made another one though a lill smaller in size, but that was perfect. The above one is the first one, soon I'll post the other cover's pic.

This is again a sample U-pin shawl.

This is the bigger U-pin shawl made out of the wool from my mom's time. She asked me to do this.

Closer look.....

This experimental basket made out of scrap yarns...

Again this is an experimental thing made to keep my small small floral hairpins, its other thing that my mom didn't let me use it for that.

My mom always used to ask to make such kinds of rumals. She made a lot during her time. Everytime I was like who uses them anymore now... But dunno y, one day dil se.. I felt like making them. So I made four each of the two patterns. The above one is the first I made.

This is the second pattern. Both these patterns are from shaista aunty's book.


Saturday, October 31, 2009



I am back again on my blog with all the belated things..... And its all because of my dad. He had arrived at our place for vacation for a month and that's why I was a lill busy. "My Dad", He is so possessive that he can't bear to see us away from him for a long time. Neither does he like our attention to be shared whenever he is with us. He won't allow me to crochet, to cook or even to blog. He just wants everyone to sit infront of him and talk and talk and talk......

Huh!!! And that is the reason I couldn't post anything for long. Yesterday was my birthday. Thought i'll post on that day but again something very good happened and I couldn't get any time. One of my very best friend was upset with me for around past 4 years. She is very close to my heart and I know its the same on the other side too, bt still too make relationships strong such trival things keep happening in life. And yesterday all of a sudden she surprised me by inviting me for my birthday dinner party. WOW,, it was so fun I just can't express in words. Those are very very special moments of my life. And I would really like to thank my friend for making it so special for me. She is the one with whom I love to be me and only me. She is the one with whom I become a kid and trouble her all the time. She is the one who scolds me and I keep laughing. She is the one who has taught me to live this life bravely. And She is the one who has taught me to "BARGAIN" hahahaha. That's a very different story, I'll keep it for some other time. Thanks Samidha. Thanks for making me feel so special on my birthday.

Saturday, October 3, 2009



Here in mumbai we lack yarns of good quality as well as variety. Therefore once my mom bought these yarns from Qatar. Touching them makes one feel the difference instantly. Now these are sooo good that I don't feel like making anything out of them. I just remove it from my closet, keep drooling over it and then keeping it back again. Well ultimately one fine day I thought of making tunisian blanket for my mom (it is still under making though......).

Multicolored wool bought by my bro and cousin.....

These glitter yarns are again from qatar bought by meee. Thats the only thing I do when I am shopping in qatar. Love the Raunaq shop over there, it has good variety of beads, yarns and all girlie stuffs. These yarns were bought long back and I m still undecided what to do with it.....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Choco Coconut Laddoos


I had 3 bars of dark cooking chocolate sitting on my fridge shelf for long. I always prefer semi-sweet choclates over dark ones. But my sis bought all the three dark chocolates. Twice I made chocolate but distributed them to my neighbouring kids. They just love chocolates whatever they may be and I just don't like the bitter taste of it. Ultimately when you don't like something you often ignore to make it often. And as a result its been months those dark chocolates occupying space in my fridge.

Once while surfing Sanjeev Kapoor's website, I came to this recipe and thought of trying it instantly. Because it had coconut in it and I love coconuts with chocolates. It is very very simple to cook and instantly became my favourite. With coconut in it, it tastes less bitter. Not only the kids but this time I too relished it. I was a bit apprehensive, hence made them smaller in size, otherwise the recipe demands them to be of small ladoo size.


Choclate grated = 1 cup
Condensed milk = 2-3 tblspn
Walnuts, crushed = 1/4 cup
Desiccated coconut = 2 1/2 cups
Almonds, coarsely ground = 1/2 cup
Pistachios, blanched and peeled = as required

1. Melt grated chocolate in a microwave on high for 1 minute or melt it by double boiler on  gas.

2. Take two cups of desiccated coconut in a bowl. Add almond powder and walnut powder and mix.

3. Take the melted chocolate and whisk with a spoon till smooth.

4. Add it to the desiccated coconut mixture. Add two tblspn of condensed milk and mix well. If required add one more tblspn of condensed milk and mix.

5. Shape into small laddoos. Roll them in the remaining desiccated coconut and arrange on a plate. Serve.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Alvida Ramzan


The month of ramzan is coming to an end. It seems just yesterday that I posted on the arrival of ramzan. Time passed away too quickly it seems. This last few days of ramzan are a mix of happy and sad feelings. Happy because eid is approching and sad because the month of ramzan is coming to an end. The way we change our habits for the good this month should be applied to all the other months too. Rab never said to be pious only during ramzan, but one should be the same all through the year. The patience, the kindness in the heart, the giving nature..... all this should be there within a person throughout the year.

In my view, one should never expect anything from anyone. Expecting usually leads to disappointment. I feel that one should just do his best for the others without expecting anything in return. thats when you'll receive the pure joy of helping someone. And our efforts sooner or later will surely be paid off by none other than the Almighty himself. No human has the power to give us anything until and unless the Rab wills it for us. Same way, no human has the power to hurt us untill the Rab wills that for us. Well I think now I am getting too philosophical.

So some fun part now. Well, ramzan is the month of fasting for sure, but it also is the month for feasting for some. Hahahah. Everyday, new and different delicacies are prepared, it is shared with neighbours. It is said, sharing your iftaar gives you a lot of sawaab this month. Our family is a foodie family with limits. My dad's kind of iftaar is just dates and eating the food right away. At night after taraweeh prayers he likes to have ganji, fruit juices or simply milk with some fruits. According to him, after whole day of fast our body should get proper food instead of fried snacks which just fills up the stomach without giving much energy and strength. Although I agree to his point of view and like his way of iftaar too, but being a mumbaiite, I crave for some fried snacks during iftaar. Not too much but alongside fruits atleast one fried thing serves the purpose, It gives the feel ki haan roza rakhe thay and ab roza khol rahe hai, hehehehe.

But seriously, this month provides a lot of satisfaction to the soul. (not in foodie terms, ok) ;~B

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Why Do We Read Quran?


( This is a story on why we read Quran even when we can't understand a single arabic word. It was an e-mail forward and I really loved this story. Hence thought of posting it here. It really makes us thinking. )

"Why We Read Quran?"

An old American Muslim lived on a farm in the mountains of eastern Kentucky with his young grandson. Each morning Grandpa was up early sitting at the kitchen table reading his Quran. His grandson wanted to be just like him and tried to imitate him in every way he could.

One day the grandson asked, "Grandpa! I try to read the Quran just like you but I don't understand it, and what I do understand I forget as soon as I close the book. What good does reading the Quran do?"

The Grandfather quietly turned from putting the coal in the stove and replied, "Take this coal basket down to the river and bring me back a basket of water." The boy did as he was told, but all the water leaked out before he got back to the house. The grandfather laughed and said, "You'll have to move a little faster next time", and sent him back to the river with the basket to try again. This time the boy ran faster, but again the basket was empty before he returned home.

Out of breath, he told his grandfather that it was impossible to carry water in a basket, and he went to get the bucket instead. The old man said, "I don't want a bucket of water, I want a basket of water. You are just not trying hard enough", and he went out the door to watch the boy try again. At this point, the boy knew it was impossible, but he wanted to show his grandfather that even if he ran as fast as he could, the water would leak out before he got back to the house.

The boy again dipped the basket into river and ran hard, but when he reached his grandfather the basket was again empty. Out of breath, he said, "See Grandpa, it's useless!" . "So you think it is useless?" The old man said, "Look at the basket". The boy looked at the basket and for the first time he realized that the basket was different. It had been transformed from a dirty old coal basket and now was clean, inside and out.

Then the Grandpa said, "Son, that's what happens when you read Quran. You might not understand or remember everything, but when you read it, you will be changed, inside and out. That is the work of Allah in our lives".

Saturday, September 12, 2009



Everyday holds something or the other for each one of us. And everytime, everything is good. Its just that at some point of time we feel something is going terribly wrong. Like yesterday with me, since morning, was feeling a bit down. My pet was going away. :-( Although I was already knowing this beforehand, still was feeling a lill down. That's life, isn't it? For the one we love, we always want them to be near us. However we know this cannot be possible all the time. My Pet 'Ritika', she is a darling, cute chubby girl. And my team partner. She is a punjabi kudi staying in America. She first came to India when she was 3 1/2 yrs old. Since then we stuck a cord between each other. She left after celebrating her 5th birthday. And now she is all of 7 yrs old and back in India.

However she left for Dalhousie yesterday. That's where she'll complete her schooling now. Dalhousie Hilltop, that's her school. The two weeks which we spent togather were very amazing and fun-filled. Whole day she would be with us, and a few days before leaving she even slept with me at my place. She was just not ready to leave me for a minute. That's innocent love isn't it? Well, I had to be awake with her at night during our story telling sessions. Sometimes innovating a story to suit her demands. Aahh... that staying awake part late at night was a bit difficult, I am not used to stay awake so late at night and she refused to sleep until she was content with the stories I told.

Well, like good times don't last long, bad times too will fly away soon. And Insha allah, by november end or early december i'll have her back with me, playing and doing masti, telling stories and all. That's hope..............Am I right?

Her childhood pics.............

Her Favourite pose...............

My First Crochet Purse


This is my very first crocheted purse. I was not sure whether I could ever crochet a purse all by myself, without my mom's help. But with the help of a pattern book gifted to me by my siblings, I could crochet this beautiful purse. After this purse I crocheted more than a dozen purse, and my craze for crocheting purse only came to halt when my mom complained. My personal preference for purse is simple, sober, formal types. I have hardly used the purse which I have crocheted, some are yet to be used. My mom suggested to crochet those things which I or others may use, instead of just following the craze.

Thats why I think I started on to with baby projects....... However I am again planning to crochet a simple purse for myself, this time hoping to use it.

A closer look.........

Friday, September 11, 2009

Cup Cakes


Ramzan Time. Although we fast whole day during this month, I feel like eating and trying out more and more on the cooking front. I don't know what has happened to me this time, but its like when I am fasting during the day, my mind wonders what to have during and after iftaar. Its food in mind most of the time. :-) Oh my Rab please forgive me. However with the food fetish, I also try to fulfill my religious obligations but some or other way around evening I sometimes really become impatient to open my fast just to try out my preparations. Rab, mera kya hoga!!!

Well, I love cup cakes. And the above one will always be remembered because just after mixing and beating its batter, my beater gave way. I think that's my punishment. However the cupcakes turned out to be sooooooooo very good and delicious. I had put choclate chips over it, they didn't only enhanced its look but tasted goood along with it too.
This recipe is same that of basic cake recipe, only that I have put it in cupcakes mould.

Thursday, September 10, 2009



Its a long time since my last post. There was much more gap between my postings back few months, but now that I am posting as regularly as I can, even a small time gap make me feel its so long. However last week was though a lill busy, I enjoyed my weekend. My brothers had come over and we had lots of fun, masti and of course teasing and hitting each other. God knows when we'll grow up. ( I don't wanna ever)...

One of my younger brother was going to Canada for his further studies so they had come to meet us. Ofcourse we dropped him till airport, he was a bit nervous to go. We never stayed so far away from each other, may be thats why. However he had asked me to crochet a few warm clothes for him. But the time I got was very less to start any stuff, and besides my bad luck with wools. (whatever project I start, the wools ditch me and I don't get the same colour again in the market. So have to either shelve my project or just do something to save my skin)

But still I thought to give it a try again this time, (it was during my exams recently and out of enthusiasm I bought dark brown coloured wool, a whole packet of it). Thought to start with some short projects like hand gloves, fingerless hand warmers, shawls, neck warmers etc...... But again this time as I started with a shawl first, from the ravelry, I noticed the wool was not that good. Like I just didn't liked it for the shawl thing. So I frogged that and thought of making hand gloves first. But again I felt the wool to be too thin for a hand glove. By this time I was out of my mood to prepare anything for my brother. So now what to do with the whole packet of the wool. Got back to my favourite baby stuffs. Its with this wool that I've made the baby dress or dhingri, about which I've mentioned previously in my post.

The baby dress has been completed, just wanna have to attach two buttons on it, but not getting the time to go out hunting for good buttons. However I was embarassed when my brother asked about the crocheted warm clothes for him. I just didn't know where to hide that time. "Sorry Bro" Insha Allah I surely will send some soon. Keep waiting ;-)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Beautiful World


I always say life is very beautiful. Life is God's gift and everything made by Him is very beautiful, very serene. And the pics below prove it all. These pics are of kharghar. I had gone for a haircut with my bro. While I was having my haircut, in the mean time my bro clicked these pics.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Gold Fish


Now that's my favourite Gold Fish. One day I just happened to click its pic and was really very very amazed at the results. The pic came out to be so good that the scales too can be very clearly seen. I usually find it very difficult to click the pics of the fishes because they don't stay still. But this one was like just posing for me............soooooooo cute is'nt it?

Since then I've become addicted, clicking pics of my fish tank like crazy. But after this pic, I could'nt get any other good pics of the other fishes in the tank. Well soon I intend to post a few more pics of my tank and also one video where I caught two fishes kissing each other.. hahaha. Yup!! thats very true, Insha allah, I'll very soon upload them for everyone to see.

Fishes are very innocent creatures and it pleases one's heart to keep watching them playing with each other. They are truly beautiful and innocent...

Monday, August 31, 2009

Medu Vada............For Iftaar


My brother loves this Medu Vada very much. He was not a big fan of this popular snack, until an Anna ( Elder brother's are called Anna in southern part of India) arrived to sell infront of their college. Our mom never allowed us to eat anything from outside. She always used to make anything and everything at home, whatever we demanded. It was her belief that eating out makes the kid lose his taste for homemade food, besides making him sick.

I try to follow my mom's belief and thats why try to prepare any and every dish to please my siblings platter. This is the reason I made these medu vadas, but instead of getting appreciation my brother told me that his anna makes much better. Ahhh... then I know how hygenically that anna makes the vadas,,, and our argument continues............... :-)


Urad dal = 1 cup
Onion = 1 small  (optional)
Coconut pieces = 1/4 cup (optional)
Green chillies = 3
Curry leaves = 5 to 6
Ginger garlic paste = 2 tsp
Coriander = 1/2 a bunch
Black pepper = 2 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil for frying

1. Soak urad dal for 4-5 hrs.

2. Drain all the water and grind to a fine paste without adding any water.

3. Transfer the paste in a bowl . Add finely chopped onion, coconut pieces, finely chopped green chillies, chopped curry leaves, ginger-garlic paste, chopped coriander, black pepper, and salt. Mix well.

4. Put the batter in the medu wada maker and fry them in hot oil.

5. Serve hot with chutney.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

"My Mother Is The Most Beautiful Woman In The World"


( "My Mother Is The Most Beautiful Woman In The World". This is a story which we had in our school english textbooks. I don't remember which standard but I've most of my textbook stories torn and kept safely till date. Last week while searching some stories for my sister to teach them to nursery kids, I came across this. I immediately thought of posting it and sharing with others. Its a very wonderful story, read it. I've typed exactly word to word from my textbook.)

"My Mother Is The Most Beautiful Woman In The World"

Once upon a time, long, long, ago, when the harvest season had come again in the Ukraine, the villagers were all busy cutting and gathering the wheat.

Marfa and Ivan went to the field early each day, as did all their children. There they stayed until sundown. Varya was Marfa’s and Ivan’s youngest little girl, six years old. When everyone went to the fields in harvest time, Varya went, too. Her legs were so short she had to run and skip to keep up with her mother’s and father’s long steps.

“Varyachka, you are a little slow poke!” her father said to her. Then, laughing loudly, he swung her up on his shoulder where she had to hold tightly to his neck, for his arms were full carrying the day’s lunch and the long scythe to cut the wheat.

In the field, in the long even rows between the thick wheat, Varya knew just what she must do. First, she must stay at least twenty or thirsty paces behind her father, who now took even greater and bigger steps, so that he might have plenty of room to swing wide the newly sharpened scythe.

“Stand back, Varyachka! Mind the scythe!” her father warned. Swish, Swish, Swish, went his even strokes, and down came the wheat, faster and faster, as he made his great strides.

Soon Marfa began to follow Ivan. She gathered the wheat in sheaves or bunches just big enough to bind together with a strand of braided wheat. Varya, eager to be useful, helped gather the wheat, and held each bunch while her mother tied it. When three sheaves were tied, they were stacked against each other in a little pyramid.

“Careful, Varyachka!” her mother cautioned, “wheat side up!”

After a while, instead of long rows of wheat, there were long rows of sheaves, standing stiffly.

Sometimes Varya forgot to follow her mother. On very hot days she stopped to rest upon the warm ground, and let her tired, bare feet and toes tickle the dark, moist earth. A while later she ran and caught up with her mother, and then her mother hugged her to her and wiped her dripping face.

Day after day, Ivan, Marfa and Varya went to the field, until all the wheat was cut and stacked and none was left growing in the ground. Then a big wagon came and everyone pitched the wheat up to the driver who packed it in solidly and carefully, and took it to the threshing barn.

Varya was an impatient little girl. Her impatience was like a teasing toothache. Today it was so great she felt choked, as if she had swallowed a whole watermelon. For today was the last day for gathering the wheat. By evening all the wheat would be cut, stacked in pyramids, and waiting for the wagon to take it to the threshing barn. Tomorrow another wonderful feast day and celebration would come around again. Varya could hardly wait for the feast day to begin.

Bright and early Marfa, Ivan, and Varya went to the field. “We must get to it,” warned Ivan, “this is our last day to get the wheat in!”

“It has been a good crop, Ivan, hasn’t it?” asked Marfa.

“Indeed, yes!” Ivan answered heartily. “And it will mean a good warm winter with plenty to eat. We have much to be thankful for.”

Marfa and Ivan worked quicker and harder than ever. They did not seem to notice the hot sun. the wheat swished almost savagely as it came rushing down.

But to Varya the day seemed the longest she had ever lived. The sun seemed hotter than on any other day, and her feet seemed almost too heavy to life.

Varya peered into the next row of wheat which was not yet cut. There it was cool and pleasant and the sun did not bear down with its almost unbearable heat. Varya moved in just a little further to surround herself with that blessed coolness. “How lucky I am!” she thought, “to be able to hide away from the hot sun. I will do this for just a few minutes. Surely Mamochka will not mind if I do not help her all the day.”

Soon Varya grew sleepy, for in so cool a place, one could curl up and be very quiet and comfortable.

When Varya woke, she jumped to her feet and started to run toward her mother. But her mother was nowhere in sight.

Varya called, “Mama”, “Mama”, “Mamochka”, but there was no answer.

Sometimes her mother got ahead of her and was so busy with her work she did not hear.

“Maybe if I run along the row, I will catch up with her,” Varya thought.

She ran and ran, and soon she was out of breath, but nowhere could she see her mother.

“Maybe I have gone in the wrong direction,” She said to herself. So she ran the other way. But here, too, there was no trace of her mother.

Varya was alone in the wheat fields, where she could see nothing but tall pyramids of wheat towering above her. When she called out, her voice brought no response, no help. Overhead the sun was not so bright as it had been. Varya knew that soon it would be night and that she must find her mother.

When it was almost dark, Varya stumbled into a clearing where several men and women had paused to gossip after the day’s work. It took her only a second to see that these were strangers, and that neither her mother nor father were among them.

The little girl stared ahead of her, not knowing what to do. One of the men spied her and said in a booming voice which he thought was friendly, “Look what we have here!”

Everyone turned to Varya. This made her burst into tears.

“Poor little thing,” cried one of the women, putting her arms around Varya, “She is lost!”. But this sympathy, and the strange voices made Varya want her mother all the more. She could not help crying.

“We must know her name, and the name of her mother and father. Then we can unite them,” said the women.

“Little girl, little girl,” they said “What is your name? What is your mother’s and father’s name?” But Varya was too unhappy too speak.

Finally because her longing for her mother was so great, she sobbed out;

“My mother is the most beautiful woman in the world!”

All the men and women smiled. The tallest man, Kolya, clapped his hands and laughingly said, “Now we have something to go on.”

This was long, long go, when there were no telephones and no automobiles. If people wanted to see each other, or carry a message, they went on their two feet.

From every direction, friendly, good-hearted boys ran to village homes, with orders to bring back the beautiful women.

“Bring Katya, Manya, Vyera, Nadya,” the tall man, Kolya, called to one boy.

“Ay, but don’t forget the beauty, Lisa,” he called to still another boy.

The women came running. These were orders from Kolya, the village leader. Also the mothers, who had left the fields early to get supper for their families, thought perhaps this was indeed their child who was lost.

As each beautiful woman came rushing up, blushing and proud that she had been chosen, Kolya would say to her: “We have a little lost one here. Stand back, everyone, while the little one tells us if this is her mother!”

The mothers laughed and pushed, and called to Kolya: “You big tease! What about asking each mother is this is her child? We know our children!”

To Varya this was very serious, for she was lost and she was desperate without her mother. As she looked at each strange woman, Varya shook her head in disappointment and sobbed harder. Soon every known beauty from far and near, from distance much further than a child could have strayed, had come and gone. Not one of them was Varya’s mother.

The villagers were really worried. They shook their heads. Kolya spoke for them. “One of us will have to take the little one home for the night. Tomorrow may bring fresh wisdom to guide us!”

Just then a breathless, excited woman came puffing up to the crowd. Her face was big and broad, and her body even larger. Her eyes were little pale slits on either side of a great lump of a nose. The mouth was almost toothless. Even as a young girl everyone had said, “A homely girl like Marfa is lucky to get a good husband like Ivan.”

“Varyachka!” cried this woman. “Mamochka!” cried the little girl, and they fell into each other’s arms. The two of them beamed upon each other. Varya cuddled into that ample and familiar bosom. The smile Varya had longed for was once again shining upon her.

All of the villagers smiled thankfully when Varya looked up from her mother’s shoulder and said with joy:

“This is my mother! I told you my mother is the most beautiful woman in the world!”

The group of friends and neighbours , too, beamed upon each other, as Kolya repeated the proverb so well-known to them, a proverb which Varya had just proved:

"We do not love people because they are beautiful, but they seem beautiful to us because we love them."

(After reading this story I just wished to hug my mom (infact both my parents) but they are not here. I just wish they come back soon. We can't stay away long from our loved ones. Anyhow even if we stay and get to know of their coming, the days become much more longer and refuse to pass away soon.)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ramzan Mubarak


Ramzan is the most beautiful month for every muslims. The aura of this month is very different from other months. It is like a calm festivity going on. The atmosphere totally changes for good. Its in Hadith that " whoever feels a sense of joy before the month of ramzan that the holy month is approaching, all his sins would be forgiven". Yes!! that's the spirit of ramzan. All the muslims get a chance to cleanse themselves of all the sins and become purified. Although this all depends on one's own sincerity. The more sincere we are in performing our rituals and duties towards other, the more rewards are bestowed on us.

There are many sites whch provide info on the ramzan. One among them I liked this one. It also mentions importance of Durood Shareef which is very touching.

Hope Rab forgives our sins and shower us with his blessings in this holy month....

Saturday, August 22, 2009



Its one beautiful doily I made during college time. The best feature of this is that it can be used from both the sides. I cannot say which one is the right or wrong side because both the sides look good for use.

This is also one of the doily made during my college days. It was one of my home science class project. This colour combination was given to me by my maternal uncle. He suggested to use the colours this way and it looks really good.

The flowers in this doily were made using a flower loop which my mom had gifted me. She gifted me that whole set when I was in school, but I actually used that loop after my school. When I made those flowers I didn't had any idea what to do wth them. My mom suggested to make a doily out of it. However joining those flowers was a lill tough part and mom helped me with that. I love this one very much because it is very fluffy kind.

This is a threadwork doily with simple chain stitches all around and some cluster stitches in between for the flower effect. This can be made in half an hour's time and looks wonderful over the table.

This is also a threadwork doily but the thread here is a shiny nylon thread, which we usually get here for making purses. I am not good at clicking pics and therefore the above two pics of the same doily taken at same time differs. I was not able to decide which one to post and hence posted both of them.