Thursday, September 27, 2018

Illusion Cake


My lill cousins were at my place for a short vacation. And usually when they are here its each day is a cake day. I love baking cakes but don't know why when it comes to the icing part all my energy drains off. I love making chocolate cakes though as I feel its far more easy then buttercream or whipped cream cakes. But this time I was already fed up of having chocolate cakes and badly wanted a buttercream cake. When we were kids my mom used to make buttercream cakes only so still at the bottom of my heart have a liking for them.

Once while watching some cartoons on my phone the kids came across this cake and immediately asked me to make this. I too instantly fell in love with this cake but the thought of icing always bothers me. However I had no heart for another ganache cake so used buttercream. The kids were very excited all through the process and though it didnt came out as it should be but they still loved it very much.... 

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