Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mehendi Leaves


I am not a big fan of mehendi, but I love its leaves. One fine day my neighbour kids bought some grinded wet paste of mehendi leaves and asked me to apply it on their hands. The smell of freshly grounded leaves was awesome. I asked them to bring the leaves for me too (they bring it from somewhere near the mini seashore), thought to dry them and grind to make a fine powder, though was unsure how will I use it further.

However when aryan bought it for me, I kept it for drying more than 15-20 days, but the leaves refused to get dried - reason: rainy season. In the mean time I was happy having them and like a lill kid, showed this plate of mehendi leaves to everyone who came home. But soon I started losing my patience, and therefore I heated these leaves in the microwave for a few secs., and then later grinded them..... I regreted doing this later as the color of the leaves changed to black and even everything went ulta-pulta. Ultimately I mixed water in that and dipped one of my crocheted granny square to give it a tinge of mehendi color, but again this experiment failed. It turned out to be miserable. That was a very bad day for me, all things going wrong. I gave up and threw up all the remaining mehendi paste....

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