Friday, April 6, 2012

My Renovated Fish Tank


The pics of my renovated fish tank were lying in my drafts folder since long. I renovated the fish tank on 31st oct, a day later after my b'day. It was my own bday present to me from myself :-)  With the help from one of my cousin I started on with this thing. It was tedious and it took one whole day to clean, arrange and setup everything. Though initially here the fishes are less.. I added some more later after few days....

I wanted a plain black background, there instead of buying a background picture I sticked a black t.k. sheet from behind outside of the tank. I also wanted a double theme in my fish tank this time and at the same time wanted to use both the pebbles. Hence the result is below....

After arranging the fish tank when me and my cousin bro went out for selecting the fishes in an aquarium... there we noticed this magic tap.... The tap was as if hanging in the air. No connections attached to it and still the water was flowing through it. Like a small kid I was very tempted to touch and see it, bt the guy in that aquarium stopped me from doing that. However after we got the fishes for our tank I was not in a mood to come out of that shop until and unless I find out the mystery of that hanging in the air tap. And I also wanted to touch that thing very badly, therefore started the girlgiri and ultimately that guy had to give in to my demands. He allowed me to touch the tap and also revealed the magic behind it... Isn't it beautiful and amazing?.......


  1. MashaAllah this is perfect, I really like your aquarium..four fishies are not fine, add some more:)

  2. In portuguese-Brazil
    Eu adoro as imagens!
    Gostei muito de passar por aqui.

  3. first time here and luvd ur space... You r so creative

  4. So share a beautiful space...
    happy to follow you..

  5. Thanks Samira for dropping on my blog and encouraging me. I love to see long comments, feel so good.
    I hope that you have recovered by now...take care and be in touch.