Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pigeon's Eggs Omlette


God has given me a variety of brothers ;-). Yes that's how I call them, they are a variety in themselves. One of my cousin bro, Zeeshan is one of a kind. Brothers are always irritating and he too is no exception. A pigeon laid eggs on one of a flowerpot of our house. One day sitting in the balcony with my cousin bro, we saw those eggs. The moment he saw those eggs, the beast within him woked up. He got those eggs and went in the kitchen to prepare omlette. I was so shocked at this, I couldn't speak a word. Why don't boys have a heart? I was so upset that when the parents pigeon will be back and find their lill ones missing........ what will they feel. It would be so sad. But he asked me not to be an emotional fool and happily ate those two eggs omlette with sauce....

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