Tuesday, May 26, 2009



My siblings call me a raddiwali, only because I stack up things of bygone eras as they say. But for me those are beautiful memories which always brings happiness and a smile on my face and lifts up my mood when I am down. They have such magical powers, and I really mean it. These pineapples were again made by my mom when I was a school going kid. These were made at my nani's place when we had gone for a vacation. And can anybody guess what's beneath the yellow flat wires.. That's an empty parachute coconut oil bottle. Therez another one too with leaves attached to it, leaves means green flat wires. I've lost it.

This is another thing again by my mom. Now guess whats beneath it... Thats a rubber ball. covered with flat yellow wires attached to it by beads and paper pins (taachni). I very well remember, my brothers used to play with this ball and there was an argument when I asked them for it to make this showpiece. However as elders too wanted to make it they were on my side, so I won...

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