Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dori Bags (mom's work)


This two bags had been prepared by my mom when I was very small, say a school going kid. This first red bag I remember I had taken it while going for a school picnic in 1st standard. It still looks as beautiful as it looked that time. The red bag is a sequenced cloth bags. Flat golden sequences are stitched on it. It becomes a batwa sort of bag when its nylon rope is pulled togather.

The other bag is a wire bag. It is made of thin nylon wire and beads. This bag also looks very beautiful and it makes a sort of fashion statement even now when teamed up with jeans and short kurti. I still couldn't learn its method from mom. Life gets so busy that we keep to learn such beautiful things on a back burner. Insha Allah someday soon I will surely learn to make one such bag from mom and post its pic.

There are many other things also such as doileys and some crocheted bags which mom had made. I didn't clicked their pictures as they are inside the closet. Anyways, some other time.

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  1. I love the red bag. My sister had made such a batwa bag in her sixth standard crafts class, when I was in first standard ( My mom did most of it ;) ). We used to see many kids using them as school backpacks. I have not seen such bags in a long while now. My mom is too old now and my sister doesn't even remember how she did it (of course, she hardly did it ). I was looking for this kind of bags and when I googled on batwa bag and found this picture, I was just so happy. This was the exact kind of bag I was looking for. Is there a way your mother can post a tutorial on how to do this bag? Thanks for sharing the pictures.