Saturday, October 31, 2009



I am back again on my blog with all the belated things..... And its all because of my dad. He had arrived at our place for vacation for a month and that's why I was a lill busy. "My Dad", He is so possessive that he can't bear to see us away from him for a long time. Neither does he like our attention to be shared whenever he is with us. He won't allow me to crochet, to cook or even to blog. He just wants everyone to sit infront of him and talk and talk and talk......

Huh!!! And that is the reason I couldn't post anything for long. Yesterday was my birthday. Thought i'll post on that day but again something very good happened and I couldn't get any time. One of my very best friend was upset with me for around past 4 years. She is very close to my heart and I know its the same on the other side too, bt still too make relationships strong such trival things keep happening in life. And yesterday all of a sudden she surprised me by inviting me for my birthday dinner party. WOW,, it was so fun I just can't express in words. Those are very very special moments of my life. And I would really like to thank my friend for making it so special for me. She is the one with whom I love to be me and only me. She is the one with whom I become a kid and trouble her all the time. She is the one who scolds me and I keep laughing. She is the one who has taught me to live this life bravely. And She is the one who has taught me to "BARGAIN" hahahaha. That's a very different story, I'll keep it for some other time. Thanks Samidha. Thanks for making me feel so special on my birthday.

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