Saturday, October 3, 2009



Here in mumbai we lack yarns of good quality as well as variety. Therefore once my mom bought these yarns from Qatar. Touching them makes one feel the difference instantly. Now these are sooo good that I don't feel like making anything out of them. I just remove it from my closet, keep drooling over it and then keeping it back again. Well ultimately one fine day I thought of making tunisian blanket for my mom (it is still under making though......).

Multicolored wool bought by my bro and cousin.....

These glitter yarns are again from qatar bought by meee. Thats the only thing I do when I am shopping in qatar. Love the Raunaq shop over there, it has good variety of beads, yarns and all girlie stuffs. These yarns were bought long back and I m still undecided what to do with it.....

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