Saturday, March 13, 2010

Holi Purse


To prove how a late lateef blogger I am, here is my posting for today. This bag I had made last year during holi, but posting it here only a year later. I had made this bag to store all my cell accessories. Although the bag is complete, I still have to attach velcro to close it ends. Feeling lill guilty to admit that I've been using this as it is since a year.

This bag was made out of experiment. I had asked my younger brother to get me a multi-coloured wool from the shop. He along with my younger cousin brother bought this one, stating that the other multi-coloured one was not that good (I don't understand why boys use there brains in such things). I should admit it I didn't liked the wool in the beginning and asked them to return it. But boys, I hate them for not listening and obeying ;- D, they flatly refused to go back again. Ultimately I thought to give it a try and made a bag with simple basic stitch.

Loved the outcome and got to learn in the process. A little tight or little loose crocheting makes a lot of difference while using any multicoloured yarn. I've crocheted a lill loose on the top and bottom side and lill tight in the middle. Its feels so good to see different effects from the same wool. Just love it.

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