Monday, July 12, 2010

Aryan's Ganeshji


Aryan or bhola as I usually call him, is my kid neighbour something around 10 yrs old. I dunno y I have so much affection for him, and he too has a lot of attachment with me than with any of my sis or bro. He is an orphan, his parents are no more thats y his elder bro and his uncle have brought him here in mumbai to stay with them. He misses his village life and usually shares his feelings with me. I always try to make him happy and in return he strives to earn my compliments ( he gets very very happpy when I appreciate him).

This above drawing is made by him, and once he completed he was so eager to show it to me, and asked me to click its pics. Beautiful, isn't it?. A touch of sincerity, honesty and naughtiness can be seen in this pic.

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