Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wedding Pics


The wedding day arrived and we were all so very tired. All the masti during the pre-wedding celebrations got on us. We were very very exhausted on this day. I dunno who clicked the above pics of the stage, but just with a slight lightning difference, it gives out a beautiful effect. Loved both the pics.

I may not be able to explain all the above pics, but one thing I can say "Traditions look beautiful even in pictures."

My didi in the reception outfit..

This thing needs a description. It is called rukwaat, which is given by the girl's family. All the packings had been done by us, staying awake till even 3 at night. It was very very fun while doing the packing. Masti, scoldings, fightings, competition etc etc..... These memories will always be cherished in my heart. Had a lovely time doing this.

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  1. i cant understand a single act..what are they doing girl..its new & unique for me...hmmm bridal dress is looking great :)
    & stage is also nice