Friday, December 31, 2010

Baby Blanket


I had this baby blanket since long in my drafts. And I forgot all about it to post it here. Today while checking out all the drafts I came to this blanket and thought of posting it instantly. I made this blanket out of sheer boredom. I wanted to crochet something but didn't knew what... ( that's how confused I am sometimes). Although I was sure that I wanted to do some baby project but not a dress again this time. I've made lots of it.. So while surfing ravelry I came to this granny square blanket. Instantly it caught my attention and was quiet easy to prepare.

The next moment the wools were on my crocheting needle. I loved making this blanket, only thing that I feel the first small yellow square is lill tilted. Dunno where I made mistake but anyways I loved this granny square blanket. After completing when I showed this blanket to my mom and nani, they both teased me that it will best fit to my doll. Well I didn't had more wool to make it more bigger in size so I left it there itself. However looking me upset my mom assured that it may be used for a newly born baby too.. I became happy hearing this - Only she asked me not to gift it to anybody ;-)


  1. It is so beautiful! Love the color combo and the pattern, hope to see more..

  2. So nicely done,great choice of color combination and patterns.