Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dress Designing - Reposting


Aah hah!!! My first post after the awards season. The more I was desperate to post it the more it kept getting delayed. Well before the awards posts I posted about the stuff I made for my sis F.D. class. Continuing with that is my this post. Its a lovely post and many memories are attached to it. I had fun making all these. I always loved designing my own clothes and giving tips to my friends whenever they needed it. Thats the reason they frowned and complained when I started wearing hijab. They came up to me and said they won't anymore get to copy my dresses patterns.. :-) Designing is just my hobby and I love it very much.... Sometimes I just love designing crazy and funky pieces. I think designing always depends on the state of mind of a person.... And I am mostly on my craziest self.... My folks always ask me to grow up but I dunno what growing up means. Does anybody have an answer? Think bout' it and enjoy the pics....

When I started designing for my sis I felt designing on a paper is more tough than just simply giving a pattern to a dress that one has. All minute and intrinsic things matter on a paper. Though the finished product also should be on the perfectionist line but according to me merely designing anything on a paper needs to knock out the energy out of one's brains.

Because it was a class project I had to design clothes according to the teacher's theme. Otherwise I am no hearts with this kinds of dresses. The cuts on the trousers from around mid thighs are simply not my taste...

We had to do many trials on paper before making the final one. Loved this saree very much as it has one of my favorite color 'Black'.

Sometimes I don't understand why models have to wear such extra ordinary clothes ( should I say clothes?) on the ramp when people may actually not wear them... Just rolled my head up and down and designed these crazy stuffs.....

Lots of pains and sweet memories are included while making all these things... I dunno whether or how long my sis will take care of these projects but now I am content that I have them up on my blog which will always remind me of that time...( Hope blogger doesn't removes my this post again... Due to some probs I lost this post and comments too... )


  1. Soo creative... You have got some amazing designs out here...!!

    Thanks for following my blog... !! It surely means a lot... Do drop by whenever you can ... ;-) ;-)

  2. WOWW! you are really talented! Thanks for visiting my blog! I will be following you for more great posts!

  3. Hey Samira,

    Nice are so talented...:)


  4. ur so creative n it’s inspire me... will drop by always

  5. Wow....u r soo talented dear....Designs r awesome..

  6. Nice designs, Samira! A very creative collection.

  7. great creativity. You have got good collections. How many of them you have completed? THanks for visitng my blog & following me. Happy to follow you.

  8. Sameera, you are a very talented person.. i luv all your designs!!!loved going through your blog as well!thank you for following me :)..

  9. wow..samira u have amazing talent!!!did u took any training for dress designing..pls post some eastern dress will be useful for us ...