Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thousand Things Running In Mind And Heart Not At Peace


Yes I am terribly tired and my head is spinning 360 degrees. ( I imagine myself as one of the cartoon character at such times - head spinning 360 degrees... heheheh). Lots of work and no time for myself is what makes me more grumpy.. Whenever I log in and check out my fellow bloggers, the recipes out there makes my mouth water and my heart insists on trying them soon. But the next look on my schedule makes me sigh. I had a feeling that all these would end by this month, but thats not gonna happen anymore. Though would be a bit relaxed but work load is gonna increase even more. 

There are some wonderful events going on and I was desperately wishing and hoping to go ahead with them.. For some I even dished out some delicacies but didn't had enough time for photography.... Get scoldings from my people that I always complain of having no time and wasting time here by photographing.... They'll never understand what blogging means to me.. Another reason is that like me they too lack some patience till I finish clicking off. They wanna dunk in as soon as the dish is made. Still after having it all my siblings never appreciate as they say it will spoil me. Boo hoo hoo....

Life is just turning around to no proper end. This is the place where I get beautiful comments from my blogger friends and it really makes a difference on me and motivates me... I look forward to everybody's comments rather than sulk about the non-appreciative tactics of my people... Well being a scorpio not ready to give in to life so easily, I know to fight back. Insha Allah I'll overcome this time too..

The more bad I am feeling is for neelam didi. This sunday it was her first wedding anniversary and I just couldn't wish her.. I was very badly down with health since saturday, and sunday was in more worse condition. Atleast that I could have messaged her, would have made her happy... So bad Me...... I was preparing a special gift for her anniversary but missing out on her anniversary just spoilt all my mood now.

Sometimes just don't understand the ways of life... Life it seems is very beautiful and bright but one such incident which may hurt makes in dull and lifeless. The more we try to cheer ourselves, the more we or should I say 'I' sulk. Dunno whether its same for everyone. I don't give up easily but constantly fighting neither gives me any high,, specially when the person or the other life I am fighting with is somebody my own... How differences get creeped into relationships and spoils the main essence of it... Well coming back to neelam didi - its been a year since her wedding. Last year had a wonderful time. I was seeing a full-fledged wedding for the first time. Right from the process of engagement, wedding card, mehendi, haldi, wedding, I just loved it all. And later on didi bought some beautiful pics of kullu manali, where she went for her honeymoon...

Sorry neelam didi,, I am sure u will understand, I did remember you on ur anniversary day... And I hope my life comes back to normalcy once again....


  1. Ohhh dear... relax... I face the same problems too... working late.. rush to cook and hubby will asked.. taking photos first? Hungry!etc etc... But the end of the day just tell yourself that you have done your best :) It's okay..

  2. Oh dearie... I face the same too... Ppl dont understand how blogging has become a part and parcel of our life... Even I am ur category... My bookmarked folder is full with recipes... But have the will power that someday I will try them... So keep going dear...

  3. Sweetie, relax...time will turn that your people gonna praise too for your awesome work..! its being quite common for us to struggle time to find time for ourselves and breathe out what we like..! do your best and rest follows..:)

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  4. Take some cleansing breaths :) sending stress-busting thoughts your way - hugs, priya

  5. I am sure things will get better soon ~ they always do. Just have fun and chill! Lots of hugs n love to you my dear :)
    US Masala

  6. Dont worry dear. just relax. everything will be fine. Love to you.

  7. relax girl..i hope everything will be okkkk soooon :)

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  9. Hi Samira,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and for following.

    Don't worry, everything will turn out okay in its proper time.

    Hugs to you!

  10. u r so talented samira- just give some time and as much clichéd as it sounds- it does heal ! and one more thing - Look around you, you'll be stressed. Look inside yourself, you'll be depressed. Look to God, you'll find your rest.

  11. Samira,
    Hey you are a scorpion too :-) I also tend to overlook those who try to demoralize me. You should always do what your heart says, and if blogging gives you that pleasure and satisfaction then why not ? So just relax and chill.
    From your new friend Deepa :-)

    Hamaree Rasoi

  12. Hey girl, chin up and cheer up dear! These are just passing phases in life -- no one's exempt from it. There's always a silver lining to a dark cloud...just have more patience. Lots of love and hugs!

  13. First thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time from your busy schedule to leave your precious comment.I am sorry it took me this long to get her,but I was away and was not blogging for a while.This post is almost 2 months old and I am hoping things have worked out just fine for you. Also I want you to read this very famous quote: "Tough times do not last,tough people do" love & Peace !!! I have added myself to your list of followers :)