Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mumbai Meri Jaan....


Aahh... after a very long time on my blog. Feeling like back in the comforts of my home. Rab ka shukar hai... Was thinking what to post after a long time and I got mine while returning from the airport yesterday. Since past few days somebody complained me about Mumbai and Mumbai life, stating that its not safe living in Mumbai. Things like khoon-kharaba, chori-dacaiti, dhoka-fareb, loot-maar, hafta wasuli and rough and tough people. Besides therez less love between people. Believe me this is exactly what was told to me about my Mumbai. And I don't understand why people think so negative about this city.

Anyways, yesterday after dropping my mom at the airport while on our way back I saw this and just smiled. This is mumbai I felt. I feel we are very adjusting people. It was raining very very heavily that time and to save themselves from the rain, the people inside the autorickshaw kept open their umbrella in this way. I felt it just amazing and hence without wasting time took my cell phone and clicked the pic from the car.

Therez just a request to all those who reads this post. Just because of few wrong people don't hold the whole city responsible. I believe there are good and bad people everywhere - agreed that somewhere it may be less and somewhere more but that doesn't means the whole lot are bad. Mumbai has seen some terrible times, we all know that. It is not our mistake that we are born in mumbai or that terrorist usually target our city or simply because of some bad goons everybody considers the whole population of that city wrong. We are humans too and we do have a heart. Just need everybody's understanding at this point. Hoping to get everybody's support.


  1. beautifully said Samira love the cozy feeling in the rickshaw with the rainfall little things like these remain as beautiful memories :)

  2. Agree Samira, Mumbai is a wonderful place..n wonderful people..nice pic..people r awesome n so much adjust n adapt thr life style..

  3. Well said Sameera! Mumbai to me is the gateway to India -- a truly vibrant and cosmopolitan city with a natural harbor and an intriguing mixture of people. That autowala pic reminds me of the times I've done something similar to escape the raindrops... :)