Thursday, September 15, 2011

What A Lovely Life It Is!!!!


Its being a routine now that I need to always start my post with an apology. Again this post is coming after a long time. This post consists of my Raksha Bandhan celebrations, Eid celebrations and my fun times with Prem. Yes therez again lots more pics of him.. Though I am posting after a long time but this time I don't mind much as it was a happy time all the way till now and Insha Allah it will continue as it is in the future too. Yup, was surrounded by work too but this time Rab has showered on me his choicest of blessings and I take this chance to thank Him from my heart. And thanx to all my blogger friends too for praying and caring for me all the while. All the comments really perk me up. Thanks a lot.

This cake was bought by one of my sis's rakhi brother. This raksha bandhan was the most fun, enjoyable and special in my life. I had so much of fun on that day that its difficult for me to find words to describe it here.

These are all my neighbour rakhi brothers. Brothers are real shaitans I should say, see the pic one of them is trying to pinch another.... Brothers and shaitanis go hand in hand.....

This is my cousin brother. He already had this thing on his hand. When I asked him why had he worn such a thing when in Islam it is not allowed for boys to adorn any jewelleries. He said it is 'Suraksha Kawach' - protection for brothers from their sisters. And the 3 eye beads that it had over it was for we 3 sis. Very funny :-p

And when we tied rakhi to him instead of giving us gifts he asked money from us itself. When we questioned him about it he answered that when a sister ties a rakhi on her brother's hands then the bro had to protect his sister all his life. So he was asking for the protection money. Whoa... these brothers....... they are always troubling but life without them wont be fun, isn't it?

Here comes my Prem. He was not at all in good mood on the raksha bandhan day. Thats y was not given good poses and was not even giving me to tie rakhi on his hand properly. Below are his various moods that day....

Hurray!!! I ultimately succeded in tying the rakhi and clicking the pic too.... 

The above three pics were clicked a few days later. He was in his junglee self on that day and I loved him even more for it. 

Then came the Eid. I am really feeling very guilty as I had thought of posting the recipe of sheerkhurma this time, but the whole day was spent so busy and running around that I just couldn't get any time to post anything. This cake was bought by Anup, my sis's rakhi brother.

Below are some more pics of Prem as I had promised. He is just so cute that my work has taken a back seat as I am constantly playing with him.. Once my mom comes back I know all this masti has to stop, boo hoo hoo :-(  But never mind still I'll find ways to play with that sweet angelic devil.. Yes hez become one of them and has now started doing lots of nakhras... :-(    I love it.....


  1. nice blooms of memories and lovely photos! its ok, post the sheerkhurma next time - may be that is what the almighty wanted from you - a special dish made by samira on a special day next year :-)

  2. How cute he is..Wish you all very good luck :)
    Thanks for wishing me my birthday! so sweet of you friend :)

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