Saturday, February 18, 2012

After A Long Time


Its really been a very long time that I am back posting here on my blog. The reason for it is very mumbaiite, and that is work load, deadlines, pressure, stress etc etc etc. I just couldn't help but stay away from my blog. Many times on certain occassions I thought of posting all that was in my drafts (though I was away from my blog I've collected a lot of things to post here) but that wish simply didn't materialized. Thats why I think sometimes we must not plan things, let them happen as they wish. Today too I have to complete certain assignments and by hook or crook i've to complete them today itself but see I am here writing up my post. Wow!!! It really is very destressing.

Well now not taking much time, I would like to post some pics which have given me a lot of realief and pure happiness. As you might know every year we have Sahara Arts, Handlooms and Handicrafts exhibition in our city and thats the one thing I loveeeeeeeeee the most. Simply doing window shopping just lifts up my spirits. I dunno y but I love to see artisans from various parts of of country all under one roof. Its like taking a quick round through the whole country. Believe me there were people from Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Kolkatta, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Lucknow, Madhya pradesh, Maharashtra, and so on...... The best thing is to see their displays and understanding what place is good for what thing. Going around the exhibition, the feeling is just superb...

But like always this time too I ended up going on the last days of the exhibition and it was a quick round around it. But however instead of buying jewelleries, dress materials, kurtis, or any other stuffs which usually attracts me, I bought something very different which I never thought I would.

The above stuff was love at first sight for me. I had seen these kinds on the food food channel on turban tadka show, yup the namak shamak wala chef. I just wanted one of those kinds and got it here in the exhibition. The first thought that came up in my mind for its usage was to prepare chaanch (buttermilk) and store it in this till lunch. It would be great to serve the chaanch from this pots to everyone...

I am crazily in love with these mitti ki matkis. The best thing about these pots is that they are microwave and oven safe. That's a yay for me. I use it for making curd and love eating directly from it too. The mitti ki smell and the fun to eat from a mitti ka bartan is simply amazing. I am trying out various flavours with the curd now. When I kept the curd for fermenting I added rose syrup in it. I just wanted to see the outcome and its taste. I was so impatient and restless that every ten minutes I would run back in the kitchen and check it out. However only next day I got to taste it and it was very superb. I didn't had to add any sugar in it. I love sweet curds and always add lots of sugar in it. But with this, I really enjoyed eating. Now I am kicked up to try different variations. Probably i'll pulp some fruits and add that too in it and leave it to ferment. The ideas are just numerous but I lack time. Anyways Insha Allah, this phase too shall pass and I will get into a very good phase of my life very soon....

Thats all for now.... Insha Allah will post many more stuff soon....


  1. Looks wonderul curd taste delicious in these pots

  2. Lovely decorated pots
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