Sunday, February 19, 2012

Leaf Craft


It is very necessary to help our neighbour kids or else they do a lot of halla and disturb us. I was quiet busy with my work but they came in with theirs. I had no other option but to help them. They had this school project and for this I asked them to go and collect the leaves. They went all around the society collecting them and competing with each other who got more. However when they returned with the stuff, I sat to make this. My mind was completely blank and I just didn't knew what to do, simply went on as and as things came to me. I didn't had much time so my sis helped with the next one. The first one I made and the next was made by my sis. She really gets frustrated to do anything for our neighbour kids. And my neighbour kids too are scared of her. They only come to play when I am in the house otherwise nobody dares to come. Thats the reason I get lots of scolding from everyone whenever I am surrounded with children around me.... Life is so beautiful and kids make it more playful.....


  1. So beautiful MashaAllah
    keep sharing dear!

  2. very beautiful!!so much time I will make this for rangoli on diwali..loved it..

  3. wow... fantastic work... beautiful...