Sunday, February 3, 2013

Trip To Rajasthan - Part 1


This my post comes almost after six months and its the first post for this year. I regret for not posting all these months but just couldn't give time for my blog.... And besides I still have to get accustom to these new blogger interface.  However coming to my today's post, I m very excited to post it. Come January and we were on a trip to Rajasthan. Yippiee!!!!!  Though it was a short trip but a lot more fun-filled and dhamaal.  

I loved everything about this trip. We were about to get down at the last stop Jodhpur, but due to some work going on there that time, we got down at Bhagat Ki Kothi. It too was an awesome place. I just loved the simplicity of that place. From there we travelled to Nirali Dhani Resort - Jodhpur.... A resort worth visiting... 

Nirali Dhani Resort

We were dog tired when we reached the resort and just wanted to lay down as soon as possible. However after entering the room allotted to us the first thing that we did was drop down our bags and start clicking the pics of the room. The interiors were very relaxing.....

Please excuse the hazy pics. The temperature was in minus degree and we all were literally shivering.....

Kathputhli Show:



An awesome place to feel the essence of past. We went mad clicking pics here. Just enjoy the pics...... Its a big big fort.

This is the jewellery box of the queen.

This is the bedroom of the king's favorite queen - as told by our guide.


While waiting for our collegues we were sitting at a side when this lill boy came smiling towards me. I just loved this chubby chubby kid and immediately clicked his pic, but his expression changed soon and he gave a serious pose...

Therz lots more pics in my next continued post............

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