Sunday, February 3, 2013

Trip To Rajasthan - Part 2


Our next stop was Umaid Bhavan Palace Museum... The palace is very very royal...... I remembered my Akshay Kumar during the Masterchef days.... We had kulfi there, though very tasty but was loaded with lots of ghee....

Umaid Bhavan Palace Museum

Replica of Umaid Bhavan Palace

Tent Site

Very adventurous...... Very amazing.....  Fun............. Thrill.............. I'll be short of words if I keep describing about this tent site.. I had the most wonderful time of my life here... 

This was our tent - the last one in the row. 

Inside the tent......

Rajasthani girl for our welcome...

Having fun at night.........


Ghost Village

Kuldhara Village

We all were asked to cover our head here....... Ghosts are still believed to be around here and hence for our safety we had to cover our heads. 

A house in the village...

Inside the house.....

Guest room....

Washing Area.....

Room to go to Tehkhaana...

Way to go down the tehkhaana.....


Gadisar Lake

A Village Visit

Fort Near Jaisalmer Shopping Market Area

Camel Safari




  1. These areas are beautiful and they look alike Cholistan which is in Pakistan.
    by the way lovely post...

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    Dr Sonia
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  3. Samira madam

    Beautiful narration of your Rajasthan trip with amazing photographs. The photographs are very artistic and creative.

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  4. Asalam arleykoum wa rmatoulahi wa barakatouhou
    Is so beautifull is good travel
    Is descoveries for me
    Is rich
    Kiss from France ♥♥♥

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