Monday, May 23, 2016

Summer..... Not Some...More... Please


Its being very tough this year it seems. Summer is refusing to go and to top it, all the water woes.... Huh.... Night before last we faced severe electricity fluctuations... And after some while the power went off.... Ohh gosh... When at home I find it still bearable in the day time but it gets very difficult at night. I think staying nearby sea side has its own disadvantages. Without air conditioners we are sleep deprived and I realized this only that night. Till midnight I was wide awake praying hard for the power to come back soon.

My prayers were answered too but not before teaching me a very valuable lesson. That night I remembered someone who once discussed how he doesn't sleep till 5 in the morning as the temperatures are still hot and when there is a power cut - which is very frequent at their place, it becomes even more difficult. Only after 5 in the morning when climate cools down the sleep returns too...

I have faced the power cut at night only once since summer started but it is a recurrent thing at their place. That night I could actually feel what he and his family with small kids goes through.... There are many such people who are going through the same difficulty. Many cannot even afford an air conditioner while some might afford to buy but later find it difficult to pay the enormous bills...

This incident taught me to be thankful to my Rab for providing me with such benefits and it also taught me patience during power cuts. I really get hyper at such times.... But there is still one more thing which has occupied my mind since then..... During the cold winters we distribute blankets to the poor. But what should be done in summer???? I couldn't find an appropriate solution, only that every night say a small prayer for all those out there who are suffering this problem. Sometimes somebody's pain is waiting to ease out with somebody's prayers. And that somebody may be you, isn't it???? And yes plant some useful trees this monsoon and to use water very carefully the coming year....

May Rab provides ease, relief and happiness to everyone.... Ameen

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