Thursday, February 26, 2009


My exams are on and I had thought I won’t blog this month. But temptations are temptations. I couldn’t control myself and now I am here on my blog with lots of excitement and a sense of accomplishment.

Actually studies and other important work had dulled and bored me. Here I would like to thank my lill bro for uplifting my mood. Actually I think my experi”MENTAL”thing is rubbing off on everyone in my family. And it has rubbed a lot more on my brother it seems. He surprised us by preparing rasgullas, or I should say attempting to prepare rasgullas. As a rule, no one can prepare perfect rasgullas in their first attempt or either second. My brother wasted half-half litre of milk thrice, but still couldn’t get it right. How can he, when I am trying it since years. The rasgullas I prepared during my experiments have been named as Kabootar ke Anday (Pigeon’s egg) by my friends and has everytime being the butt of jokes during our friends gathering.

Well, after seeing my brother trying so hard, My mom and I felt pity on him and decided to help him. I searched a few recipe sites and picked up one of the recipe, made a few changes and with my experi”MENTAL instincts and my mom’s experience we atlast succeded. HURRAY……..

It is truly said “Try Try Till You Succeed”. I am trying to prepare perfect rasgullas since long years but atlast they turned out to be very very good and I really feel very happy from within for it. All thanks to my brother and mom. Now I got an excuse to spoil (curdle) the milk frequently. “MILK GOT SPOILED, NO PROBLEM LETS MAKE RASGULLAS

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