Friday, January 30, 2009

Shahi Tukde


And now finally, my favourite ‘Shahi Tukde’. I simply adore this sweet. It’s very very easy to prepare and tastes heavenly if eaten the next day. After creating my blog I prepared this dish to celebrate it. As you all know how tedious task it was to name my blog.

Well, Insha Allah next I will post about my craze for crochet and my other hobbies.


Bread slices = 6
Milk = 3 cups
Condensed milk = 1/2 tin
Fresh or Thick cream = 1 small pkt.
Elaichi powder = 1 tsp
Saffron  = few strands
Almonds, pistachios = 2 tbsp chopped
Ghee to fry

1. Remove the bread crust. Then cut it into triangles or desired shapes.

2. Deep fry them in ghee till golden. Keep aside.

3. Boil milk and then reduce the flame. Add condensed milk, fresh cream or thick cream and saffron.  

4. Heat the milk some more till it gets thickened.

5. Once the milk gets thickened, switch off the flame and add elaichi powder.

To Serve:
1. Arrange the fried bread pieces on the serving dish.

2. Pour the milk over the bread pieces and decorate it with dry fruits. Cool and serve.

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