Thursday, July 9, 2009

Baby Ponchu


God!!!! At last I am back, what a relief..... Last many days I am trying to post but either some or the other work came onto my lap which I couldnt postpone. Even After I got some time off, still I was not able to post as I was not able to locate the pics which I wanted to post it here. Thanks to my lill bro who is always formatting the pc and storing my files.... God knows where. Its a a task to locate them again. Well, now I think I've got a permanent solution for this problem, I've got myself an external hard disk wherein all my files can be stored. Thanks a lot to God for giving people brains to make such things, otherwise life would have been a hell....

Now,,, life is and was quiet busy. Did a lot of things, and still therez lot to be done. Well on the cooking front, experimented a lot this time too.... to begin with, my all time favourite steamed modaks, Rod (spelled as road), Mava cake, Methi laddoos, Rice-Wheat bhakris.. etc etc... I am sorry but this time I was not that patient enough to click all those pics of the recipes. "SORRY". I understand blogs look good with pics, Insha allah I'll try it the next time.

I also want to vent out my anger against the police brigade but I think i'll write about it in my next post. Unnecessary I just dnt wanna spoil my mood as of now. Well Well,,, In my last blog I had posted all that my mom had made. There were many more things but right now its all that I have.

Now, its my turn. Although I have also distributed many things to people so whatever is left with me I'll post it. I've categorized the pics, into baby items, doilies, purse and others, can't decide which to post first because dunno when will I be able to get login again. Anyways, lets start with baby's only.

This is the very first poncho which I had made while I was doing my home science, during my college days. I had also made socks and a hat along with it, but I am not able to locate them now. Very bad of me, I can't take proper care of my own things.

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