Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Doll, A Baby Blanket And A Baby Jacket


This doll project too was from my home science course time. Everyone else from the class had completed making their dolls, I was the only one remaining. It was very tough those days managing college studies, my programming classes from aptech, and then this home science class. I would hardly get any time for myself. Sometimes it would be like bunking the lectures to attend home science class. My friends would step in and put my proxy attendance. Really those days were very very fun.

Hmm!! while making this doll, my mom again helped me. It required a radio cassette to wrap the wool against it. My mom did'nt knew how to make it but as the directions were told to us in our class, I guided my mom and she made it, ( hey I too helped her). Ok Ok...... It is like she made more of it and I less. So ultimately its majorly her project, BUT I LOVE THIS DOLL VERY MUCH.

This is again a baby blanket. I dunno why I am addicted to this design, but everytime I think of making any baby blanket, I prefer this granny square design to others. I made it early this year. Actually I was about to make a whole set for baby, but then no luck, no time....

.......And therefore I only made this small baby jacket to go with the above baby blanket. This I would say is also incomplete. No buttons attached to the jacket, thats another thing. But actually this jacket was a hooded jacket. And as I ran out of time and wool stock of this colour, I gave up. This pattern is from Ravelry "My Favourite Crochet Site"

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