Thursday, July 9, 2009

Baby Dress And Blanket


This is the next in baby's list which I dared to make. Actually, I lacked a lot of confidence. No matter whatever goodies I made, I always felt that others do it much better. It was my mom who encouraged me and appreciated my work. Then there were my friends who made me sit on the "chana tree" hahahahah. Well I think they made me sit on the moon. They too appreciated and encouraged my work like anything. Apart from my mom, I would specially thank my two very best friends and their both the sis for making me what I am today. Thanks Mom, Thanks Harshu, Thanks Sami (well she is Samidha, name very similar to mine), Thanks Didi and Thanks Tupi.

After making this baby frock I really got enough confidence to further try out other designs.

This is a small baby blanket which I made out of the remaining wool from my mom's time. Yup!!! those purple, blue and green wools were the remaining stash out of which I made this blanket. I only had to bring the base white colour to go with it. The result it turned out to be very beautiful and adorable. I feel its a mix of two times, my mom's and mine, and that's why this blanket holds a special place in my heart.

My mom always used to tell me to finish off her remaining wools, but as they were not enough to complete any one project, I always used to be confused regarding its use. Once my neighbouring didi gave me this idea and even my mom was surprised and happy by the outcome of it. Thanks Archana didi... Thank you very much.

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