Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Taare Zameen Par


Kids are truly 'Taare zameen par'. This is sumeet my cute lill neighbour. Don't go by the cuteness and innocency of his face, he is as much naughty as any kid can be. Sometimes he is arrogant and throws a lot of attitude, something which I didn't knew about when I was a kid... However I enjoy kids company a lot. And having kids near you makes you a lot more experimenting with them.

We wanted to paint a christmas tree but with a difference. So we sought ''shumeet's" (dts how I call him) help. We painted his hands sayin we'll play color-color, and then asked him to put his hands over a paper in a certain leaf manner. He became nervous after a few trials as we were not getting the desired image. At last... after a lot of trials we succeded and the expression of joy on everybody's face except shumeet. Although he tried to smile with us, but he was certainly amused and that's when I thought to capture his expressions asking him to pose...

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