Thursday, December 31, 2009

Before The Year Ends.............


AAHAA!!! Wish I had asked for something more good. I needed a break very badly and wanted to spend some time with friends. Yes apart from our family true friends are those people who are great stressbusters. I got a call from my friend samidha to spend the weekend in some village. I am very crazy about villages and village homes, specially the ones which have field near the home. She called up in the afternoon and tried to convince me. The way she said was lovely, i love it. Gaon main jaana hai, Gaon ka ghar hai...ghar ke aage khet.....khet ke aage will love it. I dunno whats khaliyan but whatever it is I simply love it, but still I refused half-heartedly. Later at night around 9.30 her younger sis called up and would not listen a no from me. I had to give in. I called up my parents for permission and they gave it before I could ask for it. I had told my mom about this in the evening while chatting.

Now therez a lot of packing to be done. We'll leave tomorrow early morning and be back by sunday evening. Wow I am so excited. The year end has turned out to be very beautiful for me and Insha Allah the coming year too will be the same beautiful.

Well Well Well. I was thinking of writing so much about the year which will get over today, but my mind is just busy with stuff I need to take, packing them and all. I am so excited that I simply dont know what and how I write. I think now I should stop and get going for packing my things. Its already very late. I'll be back soon with lots of beautiful things.

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