Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Masala Pooris


For experiMental people, give them anything and they'll cook a dish out of it. Same is the case with me and my mom. There were lots of stuff in our refrigerator remaining in small small quantities and unnecessary occupying the space. Therefore one evening my mom and I got togather and added all those stuff in wheat flour while kneading it. We rolled pooris out of them and those pooris were finished off within a minute.

Now if everyone is curious to know what all we added in it, then it is for them to try these pooris at their own risk. We added spicy mayonnaise, tomoto ketchup, green chutney, leftover paneer, etc etc etc...... Its just creativity, add anything and everything along with your heart in any recipe and it will sure shot become delicious.... "Dil se banaye hui har cheez achi hoti hai"...

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