Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Old Collection Of Purses


This is the very first batwa that I made. I was unsure how it would turn up, not as I expected but still people like it...

That's a cream colored clutch I made for mom. She loved it, but expressed her desire to have a black one, so ultimately I had to keep it.

This is also a clutch without flap, I made this after I made the above cream clutch, but its not for mom...... Its for me. Mom and I both are a big fan of black colored things, be it sarees, shoes or purses....

This is a bangle purse. That time I had just started experimenting with the crochet, so thought to give this pattern a try. I have actually used two of my bangles to make the handles of this purse, hence this purse is known as bangle purse. This purse was loved by all and I made one more for my sis's friend.

After getting compliments for the first bangle purse I thought to make it in a bigger version. The problem was to find such bigger sized bangles. These are too big for anybody to wear, ultimately I went at the craft stores and luckily there I saw aluminium circles. I bought them at once. Sometimes Rab accepts ur dua so quickly that later on we think,, kaash kuch aur maanga hota..

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