Monday, February 8, 2010



I love learning new things in craft. This was my first try with stuff toys which I had learned last year. Although making stuff toys is not a big deal only one should get the shapes of various parts proper. Apart from the shapes the stitching part too should be fine. I remember my mom used to make teddy's for us and that too she never had to join any class to learn this art. She simply made it.

I just wanted to be sure of the basics of this art and therefore joined the class. My rabbit's ears refuse to stand up properly as I made a lill mistake while stitching the ear's part. However it is a chubby fellow and a pet for all the kids who come to our house. That's another thing that I don't like to share my toys with other kids ;-D . The next projects I am intending to make are a flower and heart shaped pillows. I love different variety of colourful stuff pillows, so thats up on my list now.

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