Sunday, January 9, 2011

Malai Gola - Celebrating New Year


This is my first post in the new year. Yesterday me and my friend met, and this was our first meet since the new year began. It was not a planned visit but turned out to be very great. Just simple fun and loads of yak-yaking... I reached her home and she came at my place to pick me up... Gadbad ghotala....  Then when I called her up she told me to wait at her place. After that we both left to see the exhibition that neelam didi said is going on the exhibition ground. And it is quiet a good distance away from our place.. We however decided to walk. We usually prefer walking as we get more time to talk and talk.. Thats what we love the most when togather.

On the way we ate paneer panipuri near to Navratna. It was awesome and toooo tasty yesterday. I still have doubts that he gave us one puri less. And we did argue on that for a while. Ultimately when reaching the exhibition ground we realised there is no exhibition going on there. Not ready to give up the fun mood we decided to go to center one mall and have something cold. That panipuri wala bhaiya had made some teekhi paanipuris.. After reaching the food court we were just roaming undecided what to have. Finally we stopped on to the malai gola counter and ordered that. We also asked for sitaphal icecream bt that was not available. However we settled in with malai gola and I should say it was very very very very yummy... Filled with nuts, malai, kala-khatta, strawberry syrup, khus syrup etc. Then we thought of having something spicy with it and samidha bought in double grilled sandwich. All these was so filling that we really really got talli after all these.

We came back walking and continuing our talks. We were so filled that we couldn't even have dinner. Life is very beautiful and it becomes more beautiful with such moments. Nothing special but when we have good company with us, it becomes more beautiful and the time we spend with each other becomes memory for life....

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