Friday, January 30, 2009

Pav Bhaji


One thing which deserves a mention is my brother who never cooks. He thinks it’s only a girl’s job. But we were surprised when at night of 31st Dec. 2008 when we were having dinner, he declared he will prepare breakfast for us the next day. A breakfast of Pav-Bhaji on a New Year Day. WOW!!

However, I was confused as how will he make it as he never had prepared anything before. But people are very smart now-a-days, isn’t it? He brought ready-made cut vegetables from a nearby Reliance Fresh store, a Pav Bhaji masala packet (instructions to prepare were written behind it) and started out to his expeditions in kitchen the next morning.

Whatever he made turned out to be good. (ofcourse, it had to be, as everything I did and he just stood there with a spoon in hand and ready to mix the stuff at any given moment HUH..)

Ultimately, WE prepared Pav Bhaji and it too turned out to be great. But from then on I never forced my brother to make something for us again. As I know again he will just stand in the kitchen with a spoon in hand just to mix the things. ;-). Hope he is not reading this.

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