Monday, January 4, 2010

Hip Hip Hurray!!!


Hip Hip Hurray!!! This is what we used to say while leaving and coming back from our school and college picnics. I am back and I enjoyed a lot. And after visiting a village home I wish I too had a small village home and a farm near to it. I just love picking up fresh vegetables from the farm to cook them. The feeling was just superb.

This was our first stop on our way to the village. The place is very mesmerising, very airy and cool. Taking photos was prohibited here but I couldn't resist the gushing water and hence chori chori chupke chupke I clicked this pic. In the very same moment my friend who was sitting down and didn't knew I was clicking, got up. A part of her head can be seen. The force of water is too fast and hence we were not allowed to go into it.

Hurray!!! We reached the village. Its Sultanpur, in Junnar in Pune. That's it I know about it. I loved the simplicity of the village and its people. The first thing I and samidha did after reaching there was to feed these cows. We just left our luggage in the car and ran towards the shed. Look I fed her those sugarcanes.

The above two pics were in the same evening. Thats the farm right infront of the house. I am such an idiot who forgot to click the house pics. Isn't the farm lovely? Simplicity is the theme of every village and I love it.

That's the tamarind tree. This pic was taken on the next day i.e saturday. We were on our way to Pandharpur. We had a small kid in our car something around 8 yrs. She vomitted and looking at her I too couldn't hold for long. After travelling some distance I too threw up. That's were we stopped our car. The tamarind tree was on the other side of the road and my friend, her sis and the driver got down to get some tamarind for me. Hahahahha. It is said if one eats something sour and salty they won't feel like vomitting . But my bad luck all those tamarinds they collected were very raw and I couldn't eat them. However I didn't threw up after that. I have one more pic of all those people gathering tamarinds and its one of the most beautiful pic, but I cannot put it up here.

This was the dhaba where we stopped for our lunch. I loved the place but the place had nothing to offer to eat. We ordered dal fry as they said dts the only thing they could offer right now as their cook had gone out to bring stuffs from the village. The aunty whose place we had visited had prepared chapati and shendana-mirchi kut for the way. It took a long time for dal fry to come so we had to eat that kut with chapati. Ultimately when it arrived nobody could eat it, it was stale of previous night and smelling. We felt like yucks and thanked God and that aunt for carrying chapati and kut along. We could only have nimbu pani over there and nothing else. Ultimately with half-filled stomachs we left from there. There is fun in all such things also.

These were two water filled pots kept on the tyres, in dt same dhaba. Truly speaking though the food was not good but I loved the place and its calmness. It was really soothing and relaxing. Given a chance I will go there once more just to relax for sometime.

Thats a river in Pandharpur. Its a religious spots and there is a temple near the river too.

The above pic too is of near the lake. The scene is beautiful. My friend's sis Tupi (Trupti) clicked this pic.

Working on the farm.......

All of us were busy picking up veggies from the farm. The two veg which we picked up were sepu and methi. I just loved the feeling of picking out the vegetables from the farm, its amazing.

Thats Pinky, whose place we had visited, working honestly at farm.

This is gawar vegetable. I have seen it growing like this for the first time in my life. They look so beautiful growing togather like this.

These are chillies. They were green, later on they turn red if not removed from the plant. All these things to see were very new for me.

That's the cow shed. Beautiful, isn't it?

This is bhimashankar. Its a trekking point and a tourist attraction near our city. We went there on sunday evening while on our way back home. The bell which is seen here is from the year 1711. Its written on it.

This is the temple. It is said that the idol is swambhu, means it appeared on its own.

The entrance door to the temple.

Bangle Craze..........
I am very crazy about bangles. some of these bangles I had purchased from Pandharpur. I bought them and wore them on the spot. everyone was amazed by my this craze. so while coming back home they clicked this pic in the car...........moving car, hence the quality is lill bit hazy.

Pandharpur Momento:
Thats aunty ( my friend's mom) holding my hand. She was excited by my bangles and therefore asked me to give poses. But sitting on the back last seat of the car and giving pose was just not possible as our battery was totally down. We were very tired. Therefore she held my hand.

The above three pics were also clicked from the moving car. Philosophically speaking these pics remind me of blanket that covers the world. these blanket is provided by God for us to rest. We humans have become machines and forget to see such beauties of nature which helps us to keep grounded. These 3 pics were clicked by Nitin, my friend's sis's brother...

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