Monday, February 14, 2011

Love For All My Blogger Friends


Today is valentines day. Though I don't believe in it as I feel we don't require a special day to express to our loved ones that how much we love them... But yes the hype is too much for this day.... Our feelings can be expressed to our loved ones 24x7 and throughout the year. Our care our support can be extended to our near and dear ones whenever they need it the most..

Well but for my blogger friends, I feel today is the day I thank them for all the love and encouragement they have showed through their comments on my posts. It really matters and boosts my enthusiasm. So thank you all for all the love, blessings and encouragement you all have showered on me... I hope it will keep on going like this and we be best of friends.... Ameen...


  1. Rock On Gal -- here's wishing u a heart that is always filled with love !!

  2. Thanks for this love my dear..I have the same point of view..we must love everyone,every day & enjoy it all the time no specific time to celebrate..
    Lots of prayers & pyaar for you dear

  3. Thanks for the love..Agree 100% with doesn't need a special day.. its always there.. keep loving!

  4. Happy V day to you n your loved ones :)

    US Masala

  5. yes we must love each other everyday lovely picture